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  1. @nukecad I've had a look at Storage Sense and it seems like it can't clear Firefox cache. And I couldn't find the option to clear self-defined folders (well, could do that with another scheduled task... in the end, I could probably do everything with a batchfile ).
  2. Thank you, I'll just use /AUTOS. Cleaning at every startup is too often, I think. It's an old PC without SSD, so it profits quite a lot from cached data. I'm setting up a windows task scheduler task for cleaning once a month at startup. Calculation base is: mother + father using the PC once a week each --> Cleaning at about every 8th startup.
  3. afaik, yes. Takes the last saved settings.
  4. Thank you for your answer. Well, that would be good for me. I want it to auto-clean my parent's old PC. They don't use it very often and I am home only like two times a year. Buying a license is not reasonable in that case. My other solution would be using the windows task scheduler and a batch file which starts ccleaner.exe /AUTO Is that what @trium meant by The outdated documentation leaves us speculating here. I don't even know how to test it, like "generating" much junk at once.
  5. Thank you for your answer. This is very confusing as it is old info with different wording (System Monitoring / Active Monitoring / Smart Cleaning). These news also contribute to that: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015058012-What-is-the-Smart-Cleaning-feature- Says Smart Cleaning is only available in Pro, no distinction between the different previous monitoring options. ??
  6. Hi, just wanted to ask what smart cleaning even does if you have disabled the notification. Does some auto-cleaning happen at certain triggerpoints or is that limited to the pro-version? See this screenshot for settings: Thanks!
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