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    Hi, I recently experienced a nightmare scenario where both my 4TB hard drives which were attached to my Nvidia Shield TV were inexplicably wiped for no apparent reason. I was using one drive as media storage for Plex and the other for Emby. I have no idea what caused the data loss and will not be using the shield again. After taking advice I downloaded and used Recuva. I must admit I was sceptical but after a few false dawns all of a sudden all my deleted files appeared. I was delighted as we're talking an awful lot of files that had been accumulated over years. However, I have an issue that I don't know if it's normal or not. The drive I've recovered the lost files from contained nearly 4TB of data comprising around 20,000 files. My issue is: a) None of the recovered files have filenames which, obviously, makes identification impossible meaning I'd have to open every single file to identify it. (Image 1) b) When I recover the deleted files thay are all restored as filetype "file" meaning I have no idea what type of file they actually are. (Image 2) Interestingly I am able to open all the files using VLC which, incidentally, then displays the correct file name in its header. Am I missing something or am I resigned to going through every single one of the 20,000+ files in order to identify them? Any advice gratefully reeived, Anthonu
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