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  1. Hi Rocky, and welcome to the forum. I believe all four products are in the CCleaner Pro download. If I'm wrong post back here and we'll sort it for you.
  2. Hi Zakk. I can't tell you definitively what you should do for the best outcome, but with your situation of not being able to get past the chkdsk you appeared to be attempting I think trying a quick format may be your only option. Whether it was a software or hardware issue preventing the checking of the drive is impossible for me to even guess. So the simplest option would be the quick format. This would not touch any of the data on the drive but be aware that there are no guarantees in file recovery, no magic bullet sadly. Remember to go into Recuva's "Options/Actions" setting and check the "Scan for non deleted files" box. Would also be worth going into "Options/General" and set the View Mode to "Tree View". This will display any found files in their original folder structure. Much easier to drill down and choose the files you want to recover. Also in "Options/Actions" check the "Restore Folder Structure" box and any recovered files will be saved in their original folder structure albeit a copy of that folder structure on a different drive. Saves a lot of organising. Any problems let me know and good luck with it.
  3. I'd never seen one either but the strangest thing was when I took it out of the packet. It has the consistency of slightly softened toffee, not rigid at all. Never had a battery like that before.
  4. Hi tomlinsn, and welcome to Piriform. Have a look here at the differences between CCleaner free and pro versions. (Scroll down the page). http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner You'll see that CCleaner Pro has more features but other than that the basic cleaning routines of each are the same. So if you want to stick with the free version you won't be sacrificing any "cleaning" functionality. Hope that helps.
  5. Hi ChaseGlen, and welcome to the forum. I'm sure they will be developing a version for MAC OS Sierra but when I can't say. That's in the lap of the developers.
  6. You're welcome matey. For all I know I could have the same or worse problem than you have now as my computer has never ran for that amount of time. I close it down every night when I'm done with a CCleaner auto shutdown shortcut in my quick launch bar. It's never been in standby since it tripped out 9 or 10 years ago, has never been in hibernate mode, and never ran for more than one day, so if you do the same you might have no problem at all.
  7. Hi rich. In answer to your questions ... You can't I'm afraid. No, see first answer. You may have seen a lot of websites advertising software that can unformat a drive, but their claims are bending the truth slightly. Once you read the guides of these software applications you'll find they instruct the user to scan a drive to recover files, which isn't exactly unformatting them. If an unformat was possible there would be no need to scan for files. An unformat would simply undo the initiall small write process to the bootsectors of the drive. That isn't the case sadly. Here's an example, and I've removed the name for obvious reasons ... The instructions following that statement actually allude to recovering files from a quick formatted drive by scanning. To me, that isn't the "unformat" potential uses think it is. Now to your problem ... as the data on your drive hasn't actually been deleted you need to go into Recuvas settings and select "Scan for non deleted files" and then scan again. A deep scan would be more thorough, but with a drive that size it would take a long time. Another option would have been to use partitioning software to scan for and then maybe recover the original partition with all files intact, but I think quick formatting may actually have made that very difficult. If it was my drive, worth a try even if nothing came of it. The initial scan for the partition parameters wouldn't involve any writing to the drive. Hope that helps, and let me know if you want any further info.
  8. Hi rich, and welcome to the forum. Firstly, you really don't use a forum by placing the same question in three different sections. All that does is cause confusion and wastes the time of the volunteers on here, and we're all volunteers. You could have different members all trying to help you and maybe unaware that you actually have the same question posted in 3 locations. Secondly, I'll lock this topic and the original poster can pm me if they need it opening again, and I'll lock one of your other two topics and then answer you in the remaining one. By the way, this isn't isn't a slap on the wrist, just an explanation as to why you should stick to one topic to get the best help. EDIT: One of your other topics has already been locked by another mod.
  9. Hi Zakk, and welcome to the forum. It seems that the drive actually has a drive letter which means you could carry out a "Quick Format", not a Quick Scan as you say. To do that you could simply right click the drive and select "format", and then make sure you choose "Quick Format". I can only show you using a screen shot of the dialogue box on my XP system after doing the right click ... You don't mention your Operating System otherwise I could probably have found you a pic of the relevant dialogue box on your system. It might be different in some way to XP. If you're not in any kind of a hurry, before you go down the quick format route maybe give me some more information and there may be other options to try first which don't require any writing to your drive. What happened to the problem drive to cause the issue in the first place, and is it a "System Drive", ie containing an Operating System, or is it a data drive simply containing personal stuff like photos, music etc.? I'm assuming from the error message you mention that it does have a drive letter, so could you tell me or show me with a screen shot how it appears in "Disk management"? And if you're not sure how to do that, let me know your Operating System and I'll be able to show you. Your choice of course, you can do a quick format and see what Recuva can find or you could try other options first. And I repeat, the other options do not initially require the drive to be written to in any way. Over to you.
  10. I don't think it can be paused, so thanks for the suggestion Leonard. The devs take note of all, but seldom comment unless they require more info. Just out of interest, and forgive me if I'm teaching my grandmother how to suck eggs here, but were you aware that you can control the import of duplicate files in Lightroom? https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/help/photo-video-import-options.html EDIT: Welcome to the forum by the way.
  11. OK Mr Tenacity, has it tripped out at all? That makes it sound like you have a pot smoking computer.
  12. Thanks for updating Mix. A number of users are having issues with the latest version so your info about your Operating System etc will be of use to the CCleaner devs.
  13. "No user replaceable parts" is the message one usually gets these days, but that isn't always true. In fact with my almost 10 year old Sony Walkman, there isn't even supposed to be any manufacturer replaceable parts but it's amazing what you can fix with the help of Google and YouTube. By early last year my Walkman battery wouldn't even last a day (can't complain after nearly 10 years), so I decided to Google around and find out if it was actually possible to even source a battery, never mind replace one. Either that or shell out for the new current replacement Walkman which was around £100. I eventually found a modern Lithium Polymer battery for my model, and also a video on YouTube showing the taking apart of a Walkman very similar to mine. And like the Apple stuff, the two halves were glued together, but ... it was also held by four minuscule screws which meant glue wouldn't be needed to put it back together securely. And, if I messed up it was no big deal as it was for the bin anyway. As mentioned above, getting everything apart and the old battery out (also glued) was really fiddly, especially the connector on the battery cable ... That thing was so tiny I needed reading glasses and a magnifying glass to see the connecting bits. To cut this short, I managed to change the battery, even connecting it up without damaging those tiny connectors, screwed it back together, switched it on and ... "BOOM!!" I'm lying, it worked perfectly and is still working perfectly a year later, and that battery lasts longer than the original. All for a total cost of £13, including postage. For anyone interested, I sourced the battery here ... Replacement Batteries: I must have been brought up to mend and make do as I'd rather have a try at fixing anything before chucking it away. It wasn't even the £100, it's just really satisfying to fix something the manufacturer says can't be fixed. Oh yea, this topic is about Apple isn't it ... wouldn't buy anything Apple. Ever.
  14. Hi Mix. Older versions of CCleaner available here on the right of the page ... http://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ Would be interested as to whether the previous version still works for you as it did, just to eliminate any changes in your computer. If all OK, then it probably points to the new update. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for updating us with your solution AhiBon, and I'm pleased you found one.
  16. Hi omartin. Only the suggestions I spent a long time putting together for a previous poster with exactly the same problem as yourself. And by remarkable coincidence with the same size 1TB drive formatted by the same software, "MS Media Creation Tool". https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=47727&hl= The other poster didn't bother to reply which was disappointing considering the time and effort I gave to him. Other than what you see in that linked to reply I have nothing else to offer I'm afraid.
  17. Hi WingNut. Just had a close look at this. Whilst the program is running CCleaner won't touch the database file. It won't even list it if you run an "analyze". However, once the program is closed down CCleaner will list and delete the database. This is probably for the best as it prevents accidentally deleting something you would later need. You would have to remember to check and uncheck the Ditto entry each and every time you either wanted to keep or delete the saved clipboard entries. To save closing Ditto down each time you could maybe get the program itself to delete the database contents by going into "Options/General" and set the "Paste items expire after ..." entry to 1 day. Or to have complete control set a dedicated hotkey (combination of keys?) to "delete clip data", which isn't assigned a hotkey by default ... I think the point of Ditto is to have or save multiple clipboard entries so maybe the hotkey would be a better option than CCleaner clearing that database every time it's ran. Hope that helps.
  18. Hi AhiBon, and welcome to the forum. I've no idea about command line, but this is something I tried for another user many years ago, and this is with XP which I don't think will make a difference except for maybe the name "Program Files" folder. I made a second install of CCleaner into a folder named "CCleaner_mod" (no quotes). Actually, I just copied the relevant files from the default CCleaner Program Files folder into the new folder, and then created a shortcut to CCleaner within that folder. I then renamed the shortcut to CCleaner2 and dragged it to my "Quick Launch" menu. Renaming the shorcut within the folder doesn't change it's target or target path. It works as it did before renaming. Open CCleaner with the new shortcut, unselect all items not required and that's it. Just tried with only two items selected ... ... and it works as expected. My Firefox is open which is why the items were skipped. The renaming of the shortcut is just to distinguish between the two installs. Of course "Save settings to ini file" is used as you alluded to yourself. After all this, someone may come along with a command line option, but this works fine if they don't. Any problems, post back.
  19. Fingers crossed you've fixed it squire, and the main credit goes to yourself for sheer tenacity.
  20. That's brilliant. :lol: It's even better than mine. Nanobots turn up with no advanced warning.
  21. Enough is enough, I've blocked my connected toilet. I maybe could have worded that better.
  22. Mystery solved I think so thanks for your input. I'm almost sure I've come across this country specific thing before but it must've slipped into the farther reaches of the old memory banks.
  23. Right. That's one mistake I'm happy to make then. I read that on here and didn't check their site.
  24. Thank you for that, I think we're getting somewhere, as this is what I see ... ... which activates the download dialogue box after a few seconds pause. One button, no choices. What do others see? Edit: I'm thinking this could be a location thing. Country specific software/download agreements maybe.
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