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  1. Hi PongGod, and welcome to the forum. I for one appreciate you coming back with your solution, because I couldn't have given you an answer to that one as on my phone I don't get that additional dialogue shown under "Cache". And what I see on my phone is all I have to base my answers on. If you do read this I would appreciate knowing which version of Android you're running. That info could be helpful with similar future queries. Thanks in advance.
  2. I've been a huge fan of Disk Imaging for a long time and would wholeheartedly agree with that. Not just to get rid of malware, but to also recover from simple things like installing a program you thought was good and finding out it just about takes over your computer, or find you have a serious glitch after installing MS updates. They can also be mounted as drives and used to restore files/folders. Doing weekly Images and keeping them for a number of months is maybe taking things farther than most people could manage simply because of the drive space needed to do that. I've never had more than two Images made usually about a month apart. I do it even less now because with XP I'm happily free of MS updates. I've just recently mentioned to someone that I could happily restore a 6 month old Image as very little will have changed on my computer in that time. All my personal data is kept well away from my system drive. But I will take this opportunity to repeat for the umpteenth time, DO NOT take short cuts with Disk Imaging. Always verify the Image after making it, and just as important, always verify an Image before restoring it. Takes a little more time but restoring an unverified Image could have horrendous consequences.
  3. That spider was absolutely huge. The first time I saw that vid, I thought it was a joke. By the way I kept pasting the wrong link again in post #18. Got the right one now. I blame YouTube. It's been around so long I think it has senior moments.
  4. Damn, it was the same link. How the hell did I do that? Edited the correct link into that post. Cheers craig. EDIT: Here's the best video of Dyson man, and see what happens when he leaves his Dyson in the cupboard. https://youtu.be/bRV4d9LCawU?t=8 Don't watch that if you're of a nervous disposition!! Seriously.
  5. See here for the missing posts ... https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48018&do=findComment&comment=281817 Created a separate topic as it's a fun chat but way off the topic of this one now.
  6. Exactly what I thought and I now have an image of an Australian guy chasing after a spider with a thong!! My minds eye can't make up it's mind as to whether he's wearing it or trying to catch the spider in it. And after checking that video link above I realise I posted the wrong one. This is the video of the Huntsman in the kids bedroom and the "catch" doesn't quite go as planned ... https://youtu.be/lFF_Hvb9rFQ?t=16 @ craig. Huntsman spiders aren't venomous? You live there with these things so I wouldn't contradict you, but that's not what I've understood from all the wildlife programs I've watched. But I think some may have exaggerated how lethal it is ... http://www.spiders.com.au/huntsman-spider.html Still wouldn't like a bite from a big'un. Especially the variety that are partial to an Apple.
  7. Guys, if I see a small harmless house spider run across my floor you have to scrape me off the ceiling. The stuff you lot live with on a day to day basis is mind boggling. I was following a series of videos some time back about a guy down your way who has a Dyson as his favourite spider catcher. This video is hilarious at the end and the Huntsman looked like it had great fun in the Dyson merry-go-round. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C47I6brLvgg How you can live with these things coming into your house, especially kiddies rooms as in that video, is beyond me. I would seriously never be able to sleep. The last spider I saw was in my kitchen, sitting on an Apple.
  8. Interesting find razz. I only found one negative hit from my various email a/c's and that was Yahoo, and it was a site I forgot I was registered with, and haven't used for year. Many years ... last.fm. https://techcrunch.com/2016/09/01/43-million-passwords-hacked-in-last-fm-breach/ Although 5 years after the event, I took the opportunity to close that account.
  9. NOTE: Split and moved from "https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=47809". Who on earth uses these things? In fact why on earth would anyone use them, even in an industrial environment? Or do you guys with corks in your hats like to live dangerously? (Couldn't resist that Craig, and I'm sure mta will be firing a salvo back.)
  10. With all due respect to you John, and to the other guys who've contributed to this topic, I think it's now ran it's course and we're going around in circles and getting nowhere, so it's time to close it. I will say to you John that the subject of this particular topic has been raised with the Piriform admin by one of the moderators, as there is definitely something amiss and I was caught out myself some time ago, so rest assured that it is being looked at. And apologies for any inconvenience you may have been caused. If any of the contributors wants to reopen the topic then please pm me with the reason/s why and I'll give it serious consideration. Otherwise I think all pertinent points have been raised and there isn't anywhere else it can go. Thanks to all the contributors.
  11. Hey Craig! Where on earth have you been hiding yourself? I think you've even surpassed my missing months off here. Good to see you again and I hope all's good with you my upside down friend. Pleased you fixed your syncing issue, and I read somewhere recently that Apple may be moving away from having users tied to iTunes. That would be a great move as ITunes, although usually good at what it does, is something I would never have on my computer again. I'm a Sony Walkman fanboy and sync it faultlessly with Windows Media Player. So easy and painless.
  12. Just to add to my illustrious compadre's comments, you would have a chance at recovery if you had a memory card installed in the tablet. I'm not sure if doing that actually generates a drive letter and I don't want to try it myself as I hate the way my phone adds lots of unnecessary stuff to an SD card, but at the very least you could remove a memory card and plug in into a computer either directly or via a USB adaptor. If you're not using a removable memory card then maybe something to think about if you save important stuff to your tablet. They can be configured to save files to a memory card instead of internal memory. A card would be given a drive letter. Just a thought.
  13. On the remote chance that anyone returns to this topic, CCleaner has been running flawlessly on schedule for the better part of two weeks now. Running Android 5.1.
  14. That's interesting to know for other Mac users. Without having Macs we can only go by the system requirements posted on the documents page ... http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner-for-mac/introducing-ccleaner-for-mac/system-requirements ... which only includes up to OS 10.11 El Capitan. Appreciated johnnylakis.
  15. Unless the Recuva devs deign to respond with that info directly, this is probably all the information available as to how Recuva does it's thing ... How Recuva works: It may be enough for your purposes and although it's unlikely as to whether any of us volunteers would be able to answer the carving thing, you never know ... some of the guys may have hidden talents. Hope that helps, and hi to yourself and welcome to the forum.
  16. There you go, 2013 ... https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=39008&do=findComment&comment=237038 and other similar complaints over the years ... 2012 2010 And another from your goodself in 2012 ... https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=36939&do=findComment&comment=222557 One more I think from 2011 is enough ... https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=32013&do=findComment&comment=190373 EDIT: Forgot to say, I think the OP, John, may have been simply caught out by the delay. And I can understand his being as pe'ed off as I was at the time.
  17. When I did a clear out and installed again, it did appear after a number of seconds. I'm gonna see if I can find it although it was quite some time ago.
  18. I hope my connected toilet isn't leaking stuff. (Awww come on, the topic was asking for that)
  19. I was once caught out by the delay between one stage of the install dialogue opening and the "extras" offer appearing. With testing later, I found It was several seconds, and I had clicked to the next stage before it appeared. I'm sure I made an issue of it at the time because it felt like a sneaky way to get google installed. However, not being a coder I have no idea as to whether it was normal for that delay or not. I reserved my judgement at that time and it hasn't happened since because of the way I update CCleaner. I'm pretty sure this is the only way an "extra" can get by someone carefully watching an install, as I always did.
  20. Confirmed by the devs, I guessed right about the manner of and reason for call recording. Simply to do with call logs. CCleaner has no built in facility at all to monitor or record calls in a sneaky espionage kind of way. Unlike some of these dangerously fashionable "connected" toys we're reading about.
  21. Miss Piriform Pear's best adventure yet.
  22. Hi Kawally, and welcome to the forum. I believe Smart Manager has an app killer as one of it's features. I have Greenify to do the same thing with apps running unnecessarily once my phone goes to sleep. I'm testing the scheduler at the moment, but to do that CCleaner has to be exempted from being "killed" by Greenify and I'm wondering if you have to do the same thing with Smart Manager. I have no idea as to whether Smart Manager includes third party apps to "kill" by default which is why I'm asking the question. If it isn't being closed down by Smart Manager then I'll have to leave it up to the devs to find out why the scheduler is failing. To that end can you post your device details and which version of Android you're running. Thanks.
  23. Some information here re CCleaners permissions ... https://piriform.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204044544-Why-does-CCleaner-for-Android-require-permissions- My A/V Sophos outlines the call permissions in this screen shot from my phone ... I don't think it actually monitors/records calls in way of listening and recording a conversation, but simply the details of numbers used which may be tied to the delete call logs feature. As I'm not 100% sure about the why, I'll mention your queries to the devs. I'll post any response if and when I get it, or they may respond themselves.
  24. Wow! Didn't have any such problems like that. Tear your hair out time. Already having a google account probably helped, and I was never asked to re-enter passwords so I think you're right with Play Store messing you about. I would agree about having documentation. Something should have been put out to avoid the unwary stumbling about with settings. It took me a while with checking and double checking to make sure I wasn't removing something I didn't want removed. I'm sure some sort of guide will come out, but for some folk "... after the horse has bolted" comes to mind.
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