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  1. If you weren't using a file transfer program such as TeraCopy for example, which will verify the integrity of the copied file before deleting the source, I would suggest to never "cut and paste" but "copy and paste" instead. Test the copy and only then delete the source. I do a lot of large file moving, and have used the free version of TeraCopy for many years. And although I'm told comparing hashes of source and target files (which is what TeraCopy does), isn't a cast iron guarantee of a perfectly cloned copy, I've never yet lost a file. And I hope sods law doesn't jump up and bite me for daring to say that. Good luck with your search.
  2. Hi jkmlee, and welcome to the forum. Does the uptime actually kick off from 0:00 when you reboot? Although I'm running Android 5.1, I've just rebooted as a test and I'll check it out tomorrow to see how accurately it's running. If it is accurate, I'll point out your issue to the devs as it may be the updated OS doing something different which could be addressed with a future update. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi Sober0782, and welcome to the forum. I don't have an answer for you and was watching to see if someone else did. As you've had no responses I can only suggest an outside possibility and maybe a way to check it out. I'm wondering about the level of folders in which you have that data stored. I know from my own Sony Walkman that it will only read music files down to a certain folder level, and after that it won't find them. Your data is buried 5 levels down and without checking with the devs or doing a test myself I don't know if Recuva has a limit on how deep it will go. Can I suggest trying a different program as a test to see if it can come up with anything? I would suggest the very powerful and completely free "PhotoRec 7". http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec This utility now has a GUI which makes it's use much easier than previous versions, and although it looks simple, it is as I say a powerful tool. It comes in the same download as "TestDisk". The GUI version of PhotoRec is the file named "qphotorec_win.exe". Double click to run it. Have a try and see if you have more success, and post back how you get on. Hope that helps. EDIT: Forgot to mention, the free version is as capable as the paid one as far as scanning is concerned.
  4. Hi Paultx, and welcome to the forum. No, you don't do anything to the ini files. Open the winapp.ini file (should open by double clicking it) and search for the programs listed in your screenshot above. Registry location examples hlighted here ... When you find each one, they will show you the registry locations CCleaner searches for those entries. Search the registry with something like regedit for the displayed locations. If you find them, just delete them. And bare in mind, CCleaner just cannot find every single entry in the registry for programs removed from your computer. The ini file also shows you the folder locations which you can search for leftovers. I have RealPlayer still listed in CCleaner and I have extensively searched the registry for any RealPlayer entries as well as for files and/or folders, and I can't find anything. Yet there it is listed in CCleaner/Applications. My CCleaner also lists Google Toolbar and Windows Live Messenger although there isn't a trace of either on my computer. Not that I can find and I know how to look. So good luck with your search and post back if you're doubtful about deleting anything. Hope that helps.
  5. Hi codidog, and welcome to the forum. I sometimes get the same thing with my old XP machine. Contact Piriform here ... https://piriform.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ... and they should sort you out. If you don't get any joy within a reasonable amount of time, post back here and we'll sort it another way. Hope that helps.
  6. Another oldie revived. Always liked the clean pristine quality of it and the way the perspective drags your eye into that oblong structure.
  7. I have to agree with Andavari razz, and I'll explain the various reasons why this "copy and paste" posting to different forums isn't considered good etiquette. And there isn't any need for a lounge discussion on the subject. 1) It's a practice used widely by spammers and therefore usually raises suspicions when noticed. 2) It's a practice used widely by deliberate "time wasters" who can have countless people on numerous forums giving of their spare time trying to help someone who actually has no interest in the answers. 3) It's a practice which can actually waste the time of a lot of folk who have no idea the same questions have been raised on other forums. The moderators and regular members on here and other forums don't always just answer peoples questions and pleas for help off the top of their heads. They often spend quite some time researching a problem or question before trying to address it or answer it. Even a seemingly simple question like "What download site do you use?" would have me checking out every site I recommended to see if they had changed before I gave an answer. Members of other forums could well be doing the same thing to simply come up with the answers you already have here. A complete waste of those members personal time. A more thought out way to research a subject would be to have asked the question on here, and if you weren't convinced you had enough information, then to have moved to another forum with the same question but accompanied by an explanation that you had already asked this at Piriform, providing a link back to your question and the given answers here, and then let those other forum members decide as to whether they could provide you with something new. 4) Most people who use this "copy and paste" practice waste a lot of peoples time by simply choosing what they think is the best solution on a particular forum, and never returning to the other forum or forums where genuine volunteers have spent literally hours trying to assist them. I've been there and don't ever want another tee shirt. Or they return to each of the places they've asked the identical question and reply with a one line "problem solved" and never say how, or ever return again. 5) We've had a case on here where a regular member was asking, ne begging for help by pm from numerous moderators for answers to exactly the same problem, without the individual mods being aware that they were all working on that same problem for him. This scenario was only discovered by chance and was an absolute waste of peoples freely given time, and an insult to the people giving of it. Is that any different from asking the same question at the same time on different forums without those individual forums being aware that they could be putting in their freely given time to simply duplicate answers already received elsewhere? Absolutely no difference at all. So basically, no, the issue doesn't have to be revisited or discussed in any way as copying and pasting identical questions to different forums at the same time is not a good practice for the reasons given above (and I may have even missed a couple). There isn't any law or forum rule against it, but the individuals involved in the different scenarios outlined above have caused this trick to be placed firmly in the "frowned upon" category. It's entirely your choice of course razz, but I wouldn't answer a question if I was aware that it had been duplicated on another forum or forums. And please note, I'm not even vaguely suggesting that you are in any way trying to do the stuff I've just outlined above, I'm simply describing the wagon you could be climbing on if you think it's an OK thing to do.
  8. I may have said "get yer own pear!", but that could have sounded like I was casting aspersions on your masculinithingy.
  9. Reminds me that back in 2011 the little guy went where no pear has gone before. Looking to Piri-form new planets.
  10. Almost as hard as finding a damned pear.
  11. If you reinstalled Windows I would guess that everything on that drive or partition would be wiped. This is why Windows, when being installed over a previous install, sometimes creates a "Windows.old" folder containing the users personal data which is there to be found after the install. I don't know as to whether Windows does this with a re-install, or if that option has to be selected during the start of the process, as I've never installed or re-installed an OS in that way. Finding a "Windows.old" folder is your only option I would think, and others may be able to advise as to whether a re-install of the same OS would create one. I don't get that. How did you do a deep scan if you received the "Failed to scan ..." message? That message usually pops up when Recuva finds a RAW drive. Or in other words "Unallocated Space". Yet you did your re-install and then started using it. So the drive wasn't Raw, and your post does seem to refer to one single location. Can you be more specific as to what has been happening?
  12. It didn't go at all craig. It looked exactly like my phone in every way, but on a big screen. The trouble is all I could do was browse with it. I had the option to transfer all my apps etc from my phone, but it kept telling me to turn wifi on. Play Store was accessible but tripped out both times I accessed it. And unlike a normal Linux distro, you can't access anything outside of the OS. You can't mount a drive and play your music for example. If you want music you would have to install it onto the USB stick. Mind you, the browser was pretty slick and had a beautiful look to it. Interesting exercise, but for me pretty useless.
  13. Haven't seen that craig although I have been recently looking at desktop pc's running Android. I'll be giving it a try on a USB stick for sure. Makes a change from all the Linux distros I've tried from USB.
  14. Have to agree Trium, that is a pleasure to look at. Nice one.
  15. Well slap my leg with a rolled up newspaper!! You certainly are a blast from the past, but a welcome visitor to be sure. Really nice to see you again. Are we still doing the "serve and protect" thing? And will it be a few years before you answer that? Hope not.
  16. Hi Benjamin, and welcome to the forum. I'll pass this one to the devs for you, although I'm guessing there won't be a response until after the holidays.
  17. Hi rattazong, and welcome to the forum. I'm answering your query with XP. What does that make me? You'll have to forgive me if I'm missing what you're trying to say. CCleaner has to be "active" for want of a better word, to enable it kick into life at the scheduled time, although it won't be "running" in the true sense in way of scanning or cleaning. As mentioned in post #7 above, if it was completely shut down it wouldn't be able to run on a schedule. Are we on the same page here or am I missing completely the behaviour you're trying to describe? You've got me there. I don't understand what you mean by open it via "top line notification" or "cancel it though it's been offered". If any of the other guys understand what that alludes to with regards to CCleaner running on a schedule, I'm sure they'll contribute to the topic, otherwise you'll have to help me out here and try to explain that in more detail. Do your best and we'll get there.
  18. Mmmmm, didn't think that pic could have a double meaning. I suppose it could allude to the poor support this topic gets at times, although the actual point of it is the demise of the "Pear" desktops I've been doing for years. My "Piri Desktops". My last one I thought was probably one of the best ever (King Kong) but the interest in them has surely died a death. Hence the one above, after 9 years, is the very last one.
  19. Time to post this one ...
  20. Hi DragonLuck, and welcome to the forum. No such thing as a stupid question DL, what you don't know you learn by asking. I've a couple of suggestions for you provided you've done nothing else since deleting the partition. The first option is to try a powerful but completely free recovery program called PhotoRec, and the latest version 7 now has a GUI which makes things a lot easier. PhotRec 7: In the downloaded folder the GUI version of PhotRec is called "qphotorec_win.exe". It will scan unallocated space and will recover many file types not just photos (names a bit misleading). Depending upon the size of your partition it could take some time, so expect this. I've just actually done a test with it after deleting the partition on an 8gb flash drive containing two largish video files, and after two passes it has in fact recovered 5 video files (3 previously deleted), ranging from 700mb to 1.25gb and they all load and play perfectly ... If your drive doesn't appear in the initial list then use the drop down menu. I had to do that to display my 8gb flash drive. The second option is to use a partition management program to search for and restore the deleted partition. PhotoRec comes with another powerful utility in its download, and that is "TestDisk", which can recover deleted partitions. It looks like command line, but isn't. It does have a structured dialogue to follow but takes a little work to understand, although it does come with comprehensive guides. TestDisk step by step: But before TestDisk, have a try with MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 9.1 which has a comprehensive GUI. Again free. MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 9.1: This free version has a partition recovery feature, which is now only available in the paid Pro edition of the later versions. It may find the deleted partition and simply restore it. If not, give TestDisk a shot. Finally, make sure you try PhotoRec first before you attempt the others. But, if you get your files back with this first option, I would still try the partition recovery. A great exercise and could be useful at some future time. Hopefully never needed of course. Hope that helps.
  21. Wow! Haven't seen that before, and I'm guessing it would probably fry a desktop PC. I have seen something quite the reverse of that, and that was last year when I was looking at standalone CD players for my home system. I was trying a Denon cd player in a Newcastle hifi shop and when I plugged in my USB stick to check out the playback quality, I got an immediate smell of burning and a frozen display. The damn thing had fried my USB stick which was playing fine in the car only minutes earlier! It was only a 1gb stick for the car, and I got a 2gb stick to replace it. Thank you Denon.
  22. "God forbid, Windows XP"!! I don't feel slightly less doomed in the least. In fact I feel more secure than you guys with your Windows 10 systems. And I don't believe any of these merchants of doom are completely impartial in their advice. Look deep enough and there's usually a vested interest lurking in there somewhere. If you take notice of all these different "experts", usually with differing opinions, then take your computer, mothball it or sell it, and give up on the internet. Otherwise you'll take all the pleasure out of what it has to offer and spend your time mopping your brow and losing sleep. All just my humble opinion of course, still surfing anywhere and everywhere with my still clean, humble and unsupported "free of MS" XP system. Oh woe is me!!!!!
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