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  1. Hi Guys, Just taken a look at the screenshots of those 200 extensions. Looks like some mad computer jigsaw puzzle. If a browser could talk it would be saying "Gimme a break" Regards
  2. Thanks for the thoughts guys. 1984, you got your first computer 24 years ago. The nearest thing to a computer that came into my house round about that time was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum for my son who was about 7 at the time. We really went crazy and bought the "massive" 48K version. 48K, wow. But even with that tiddly bit of memory the programers eventually started putting some amazing little games out. In fact, in a dark corner somewhere upstairs, I still have the complete set of 20 "My Spectrum" magazines in immaculate condition. After issue 20 the mag changed its name to "My Sinclair". Have I think the first 18 of those as well, also in immaculate condition. What I do regret though, is binning the famous rubber keyboard after we changed it for a normal sized one. I think these things are worth their weight in gold now. Magazines might be worth something now. No idea. After that, we progressed on to the groundbreaking Amiga 500. At the time the games on this were amazing. Looking at them now compared to todays stuff, is like comparing Skype with 2 cans connected with a piece of string. How times change. What on earth will we have in 20 years from now ? Maybe instead of talking to my son on Skype, I might be able to beam myself right into his front room. Believe it guys. A lot of the science fiction I used to read is now science fact. Regards
  3. Hi Eldmannen, Sorry, how do you mean? Am I putting too much space in my posts? Regards
  4. Yes, thanks Andavari, just checked. Got that version. There is one thing AudioGrabber can`t do, and that is do a direct record of a "Full Album Downstream", such as I get off C-Net. I`m getting round that by using the digital out on my pc, into my minidisk player, and then back into pc using line in, which AudioGrabber does record from. Can EAC do that ? If not, is there a decent free program I can get to direct record downstreams ? Thanks in advance, Regards
  5. Hi Guys, I use FireFox2 and IE7. Depends where I`m going. Tending to lean toward FireFox. As far as I`m aware, I only have one ActiveX plugin in FireFox (Adobe Flash Player 9), for viewing music videos. Have noticed more and more appearing in addons window for IE7 Took a look at the Browser War. Some neat comments, but a lot of it was just nonsense. Didn`t bother to vote. CNet-Download.com did a very good comparison recently between FireFox2 & IE7. Worth a look if you have`nt seen it. http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-10442_7-6656808-1.html
  6. Hi Guys, I must give 10 outa 10 and a big thumbs up for "Yahoo Mail Beta". It`s a cracking interface, nice colours, and it uses tabs for flicking between pages. Have you ever been composing, and then had to reload your Inbox or Sent Files to check on something. And then find you`ve lost what you`ve just written. I have. Never happens with Yahoo Mail Beta. Really good helpfiles and a very slick animated walkthrough of all the new features. Also has dead easy drag and drop to place messages in different folders. Definitely worth a look, and it`s free. I`ve tried a few, but nothing I have tried comes close. Tried Windows Live Mail. Didn`t like. Give it a go. Regards
  7. DennisD

    Visual Style

    Hi res45, I saw something like this on a video downloaded with my Metacafe software. I thought it looked brilliant, but didn`t have the bottle to try it. Can you revert OK if you feel the need ? Regards Edit: Just looking along your taskbar in the pic. Is that Media Player 11 I can see? If it is, how have you found it ?
  8. Hi Guys, Earlier last year I bought three 2gb IPod Nanos. Each one went back for the same reason. The advertised 14 hr battery life was no more than 4 hrs on each of them. I do 5-6 hr mountainbike rides in the summer. Gave up on them. I had a look on an IPod forum, and there were an unbelievable amount of posts complaining about the same thing. A brilliant reply post from an Apple Technician stated that the rechargable battery is very susceptible to temperature, and gives better results when used indoors. I`ll have to ride my mountainbike round the front room, and my son will have to do his running up and down the stairs. There is now a 2nd gen Nano out. Cheaper, and longer battery life. I`m tempted, but....think I`ll wait a while and check the IPod forums. Regards
  9. Hi Guys, I`ve been using Norton Internet Security, which covers just about everything, Anti-Virus, Firewall, AdWare & SpyWare.
  10. Hi Guys, I hope you don`t mind me joining in here. I`m new to the forum, and I`ve only been into computing for a relatively short time. However I`ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge in that short time, especially from places like this. In fact, this is the only forum I do spend any time in now. Has a good feel to it. I realise of course that the "quite a bit" of knowledge I have picked up is a long, long way short of being really knowledgable. I would seriously like to do some proper studying, even so far as going for a degree, although gaining the hands-on Knowhow would be more important than the qualification. But the two probably go hand in hand. I have plenty of time on my hands, and I`m wondering what sort of timescale is involved in reaching something like degree standard. I don`t think I`m too old for an endeavour like this. I`m 56 on the 12th of this month, (you can send a happy birthday eCard if you like, but don`t bake a cake), medically retired, but mentally active. Would appreciate any comments, (as long as there`s no oldie jokes. Well, one or two would be OK). Regards.
  11. Hi Tarq57, I`ve just looked for my temp internet files folder using IE7. Didn`t realise it was so well hidden. Followed CeeCee`s tip, unticked "Hide Protected System Files", and there it was. Have you also gone to Windows Explorer:- Tools > Folder Options > View > Show Hidden Files and Folders, and ticked that. That`s the only thing I can think of still hiding that folder. Regards
  12. Hi XanaTos112, Not sure if this will help, as you don`t say how far you actually get with this Windows Back-up program. Have you actually downloaded it, or are you having problems with the download. I regularly use Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner. http://safety.live.com/site/en-US/default.htm If I`m using Internet Explorer, I have no problems, but I discovered that if I`m using FireFox2 it won`t download the temporary scanning tools. Can`t use it with FireFox. Is this in any way related to your problem ? Regards
  13. Thanks again Andavari, I`ve actually got Erunt installation file in my recieved files folder, but I`ve never installed it. Before doing so, I read somewhere that a guy used it, but had serious problems actually doing the restore itself. All depends on the operator of course, but if you use it, your observations would be most welcome. What I`m endeavouring to find out in the registry, is how to safely delete quite large entries in there from uninstalled programs such as Yahoo Messenger. There`s a lot of stuff in there from a lot of files and programs I`ve previously deleted or uninstalled, that CCleaner & Registry Mechanic never pick up, but I wouldn`t delete anything unless I knew enough about it. This is a risky thing to mess about with, but I`m treading very, very carefully, and am really looking and learning at the moment as opposed to touching. I may give up on this eventually, but I`ve got loads of time on my hands, and have always enjoyed learning something new. Regards
  14. Hi wgan, I`ve been using a pretty cool free program called AudioGrabber, which you can find at http://www.download.com/Audiograbber/3000-...tml?tag=lst-0-1 You can get quite a few user reviews there as well. Most rate it as, "one of the best, if not the best." The only difference between the free and paid for version, is the pay for version has a noise reduction plug-in from Algorithmix. And you don`t actually need this unless you are converting things like old vinyl recordings. It also has extensive help file, instructions, and support, at home page http://www.audiograbber.com-us.net/ Only con for this program is that you have to follow links provided in help file welcome page, to download a decent encoder. You have a choice, and I went for the Lame 3 encoder. AudioGrabber does just about everything, including recording and converting into virtually any filetype from Line In. I have found this function really useful, for getting stuff off Mini Disk onto CD for the car. Definitely worth a look. Hope this is helpful. Regards
  15. Thanks for your advice Andavari, and your quick reply, I`ve been looking at WinRar, Zip & 7-zip. I`ve also found a completely free program at http://www.izarc.org/, and there`s a good review of it at http://www.softpedia.com/reviews/windows/I...ew-39571.shtml#. Would appreciate your comments, or anyone elses, on what looks like a very good shareware back-up utility. I`m a bit puzzled by something though. Why add that extra bit of risk to backing-up files by compressing them onto a disk, and then having the neccessity of having to use compatible software to uncompress. Why not just back-up your self-installed files in uncompressed form ? This may not be possible with your Operating System due to it`s format and size, (put me right on this one), but I have the installation programs of everything I`ve ever downloaded, backed-up in uncompressed form on normal CD`s. Programs such as CCleaner, AudioGrabber, Media Player 10, Screensavers, FireFox, Opera, Skype, absolutely anything and everything. Finally, is there any way to check a back-up for its integrity, especially the Operating System back-up ? Regards Jan 4. Edit: Too many questions in post. Deleted. (Hope that`s OK)
  16. You could be right, but I read it as just needing a complete system back-up in the event of something like a hard drive failure. I made a complete system back-up disk when I was prompted by my pc, shortly after buying it, and with regards to currently installed files, I always back-up my data and downloaded installation files fairly regularly using Sonic. It seems solid and reliable, and I also use it for copying CD`s. On my pc (XP SP2), the back-up program was already installed, and resides in "C:\Windows\Creator" folder. I was a bit concerned by your mention of the fact that XP back-up has bugs. And I do actually have the full System back-up on one DVD. Is it possible that this would not work if I ever came to need it. I`m learning as I go along here. It sounds like it would be wise to create another back-up with different software, or another back-up with more than 1 DVD with the same software ? Any help, or constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi Guys, Make allowances for a newbie. If anyones running a Compaq Presario, the system back-up is under:- Start > All Programs > PC Help & Tools > Compaq Recovery CD/DVD Creator. This is such an obvious answer I don`t really want to post it, but I`ve no choice as I can`t find a cancel button. Now 05.55. I`m cancelling myself, off to bed. Happy New Year.
  18. Hi Guys, I`ve only just started posting today, but a belated Merry Christmas to you all, and as it`s 04.35 New Years Day as I type, ( Just come in after playing taxi driver for my daughter), Happy New Year. Kind Regards Guys. Great Forum
  19. Hi DazednConfused, I`m with XanaTos112. Quicktime is well worth keeping, especially if you have the latest Quicktime 7. It has the new H.264 codec which enables you to watch real High Definition video. I`m not 100% sure, but I think Realplayer, if you use it, actually needs Quicktime for its video playback to work. If you don`t have the latest version go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/win.html where you can download the slightly stripped down free version of Quicktime 7. I`ve downloaded one or two HD Demos, and the sharpness and colour are amazing. There are quite a few HD movie trailers on this site, but they are big files and take some time to download, and I don`t think you can save them, just watch. I`m actually now keeping my eyes open for HD DVD`s in the shops. (cheap ones). Hope this helps. (If it does, are you changing your name ?) (joke) Happy New Year.
  20. Hi Cowboy357. If you haven`t got a camera yet, hope you have time to read the following novel. I`m a newbie to the forum, but earlier this year I spent quite some time looking for a good reasonably priced Digital Camera. The first important thing I discovered was the difference in price for different types of memory card. I bought two 1gb Sandisk SD cards (at different times) from a national chainstore called Staples for ?19.99 each. The identical 1gb Sandisk SD card in PC World & Curries was over ?60. That high differential is really hard to believe, but you have my word these prices were in force, and not a pricing error, in June this year when I bought my camera and card, and this month when I bought my daughters camera and card. The 1gb Sandisk XD Cards were ?39.99 in Staples. Twice the price of SD. God knows what they are in PC World. Never looked. Secondly, I discovered that much better value could be obtained by shopping around for "older models", or "discontinued lines". You still get a quality camera, it`s just not the latest model, and the reduced price usually reflects that. I ended up buying a Nikon Coolpix 6700 (7.1mp) for ?150 from a Comet store, the same camera was still ?300 in Argos. The other advantage I found with this "older" model was that it had a viewfinder. Really, really handy when you are trying to take pics in bright sunshine. Most of the latest compacts, as far as I`m aware, do not have a viewfinder. You can find a review at http://shopping.yahoo.co.uk/b/a/prl_13444100/124901.html, and you can also find this camera at http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/digitalcameras/0...39190037,00.htm, and no, I don`t work for Nikon. (Wouldn`t say no mind, if anyones watching). Obviously, this is only MHO, and just an amateurs guide as to what you might like to look for in way of price and quality. But for ?150, I have a brilliant little camera. I spent quite some time actually physically visiting all the relevant shops in my area, and the price variations were amazing. I hope you find some of this helpful, because there are some really good bargains to be had if you have the time to search around. There`s also a very quick and easy Image Resizer to be had for free from http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...ppowertoys.mspx. Scroll down the page until you come to "Image Resizer", and the download link is on the right. Simply save it, run it, and you`ll then find a new option in the dropdown file menu of Windows Explorer called "Resize Pictures". But you will only find that menu item if you highlight a picture. Simplicity itself to resize an image from within your My Pictures Folder, and the Resizer only makes a resized copy. It dosen`t touch your original pic. Sorry for the really long post guys, I`ll try to be brief in future, but I`ve got "Can`t stop typing until my fingers are sore, and I love my new camera" syndrome. See I`m still doing it. Kind Regards, and Happy New Year
  21. Awesome. Downloaded and saved No.53 from "Kelleys-Korner". Didn`t even have to do anything. Clicked on "run", sat back and watched the little bastards get nuked. (Sorry for the language). Does exactly what it says on the packet. Thanks to Andavari for the fabulous link, and thanks to Humpty as well for the very quick reply. You know guys, I`ve tried one or two forums before, but I`ve waited for days & weeks, thinking I was possibly the only person left alive, before anyone bothered to reply. And in some cases I`ve never received replies. And in the space of 30 minutes here, my little enemies have been exterminated. I wish Kelleys-Korner had a similar program for Iraq. Could get my Son home quicker. Anyway, thanks for your help, but I`ll be back soon as I`m delving into the mysteries of the REGISTRY. When you go searching in there, you still find a lot of entries left from defunct programs, even after running CCleaner and the other one I mentioned. Does this matter ? Not really. But it`s great fun finding out what you can and cannot do. This may seem a bit foolhardy, but I`m lucky insofar that I have a 6gb recovery partion I can fall back on. Worth its weight in Gold. Thanks Again Happy New Year
  22. Wow. I knew this was a good forum. I`ve only been out the house for 20 minutes, (taxi driver for my daughter), and I`ve got replies from Australia and USA. Small world guys. Thankyou Humpty, and thankyou Andavari. I have`nt had time to try your suggestions yet, but I did actually tick the Tray Notifications Cache before I came onto here, but I wasn`t sure if that actually was the part of the System Tray I want to clean or not, and I wasn`t certain whether it would remove all icons from System Tray or not, so I bottled out. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks.
  23. Hi Guys, I`m new to the forum, but have been using CCleaner for some time now. Fantastic program. I wish I had known about it before I shelled out money for Registry Mechanic, although that appears to be a good program as well, and I run them both. Just out of interest, I`ve never had a problem after running CCleaner with everything checked, even "Fix Issues". But I have lost a couple of single Windows Media files after running "Registry Mechanic". No problem, but I thought worth a mention. I actually came to the forum to find out if anyone knew how to get rid of defunct icons in the system tray. I thought it would be a great new function for the CCleaner itself. I`ve never uninstalled a program yet that didn`t leave it`s icon in the "System Tray Past Icons" window. I know I can hide them, but I know they`re there, and I`m sure they are sitting there pulling faces at me, and laughing. Am I getting paranoid ? Absolutely. I could happily crawl into the system tray and rip the little ******* into lots of little pieces. However, the program mentioned in the attached post may be just what I`m looking for to save my sanity. Can do most things with my PC. But this little irritation has up until now stumped me, and I`ve done a few searches on the web. I will try TaskBar Repair Tool, but any comments would be appreciated. This looks like a good forum. Will visit more often. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and good luck to all for 2007.
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