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  1. You could find out by trying that program I linked you to, or maybe this one which is a small 528kb standalone exe file. Disktective (Free):
  2. Hi MMatildes, and welcome to the forum. The drive has become corrupt for whatever reason and the data on it is now recognized as being RAW. Without knowing how and why I can't say whether it's simply corrupt boot sectors or damage to the data itself, but with any luck it's just the boot sectors and your data may still be intact. A positive is the fact that Windows recognizes the drive at least and has given it a drive letter. That gives you a couple of options to try. A: Carry out a "Quick Format" of the drive which will reinitialize the file system and enable Recuva to scan it. B: Before doing that, try a free program called PhotoREC, which has the ability to scan and recover files from a "RAW" drive. PhotoRec: Don't be fooled by the name, it's a very powerful program. list of file formats recovered by PhotoRec: Just bare in mind that recovery isn't an exact science, and I wish you good luck with it. Hope that helps. EDIT: PhotoRec Step By Step
  3. Hi Pinaki, and welcome to the forum. It's always been my understanding that creating folders in the root drive (usually C:) is not recommended, and apparently more recent operating systems actually prevent you from doing that ... Don't know about Win10. https://www.wintips.org/cannot-save-create-files-on-root-drive-c-in-windows-8-1-windows-7-fix/ You don't mention your OS and you don't mention getting any error message, so maybe they weren't saved at all. You could try using a free program like WizTree which will scan and show you the exact location of every file on your drive. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/wiztree-v3-0-finds-the-files-and-folders-using-the-most-space-on-your-hard-drive.396428/ Or if feasible, scan again and make a recovery folder somewhere other than the root directory. Hope that helps.
  4. Nice pics chaps, feels like Christmas. Still waiting for more posters (come on you guys), but in the meantime I'll throw in another ...
  5. You just have to look at the buttons on this version of the forum and something strange will happen. But, glad to have helped in that roundabout way.
  6. Well spotted people. Just checking to see if you'd notice the delibrit delibret intenshnul mistake in the title. Damn. Edit: @ nukecad .. Why didn't you chuck in a desktop pic while you were in. The naughty chair awaits.
  7. We have to get this up and running again, so I think I might throw out some official warnings to members (regular) who don't partake. Miss two months and you're off to the Piriform naughty chair. Lets have some festive type desktops, traditional, or even better, unusual. Hats off to the person who did this ...
  8. I don't profess to being an expert, simply go by the developers recommendations ... http://www.piriform.com/docs/recuva/using-recuva/recovering-files-from-damaged-or-reformatted-disks
  9. Love the avatars guys. We just need Nergal to find a Grinch with a smile and a red and white wooly hat and Christmas will be almost complete.
  10. Hi Fossicker. Depends on how he formatted the drive really. If it was a quick format, and the drive shows up in Windows with a drive letter, then it's well worth scanning the drive with Recuva as a quick format simply configures the drive to tell Windows that the space on it is available to be overwritten. It doesn't actually delete any files. If it was a full format, then I'm not sure, as I've read conflicting reports as to whether a full format on post Vista systems actually overwrites all data. If it's got a drive letter give it a try and make sure you select "Scan for non deleted files". And tell your grandson not to beat himself up as that instruction from the printer suggests that there was already something wrong with the drive, and a quick format is one of the recognized pre scan and recovery operations to reinitialize the file system on a faulty drive to enable Windows to recognize it. Good luck with it.
  11. Shame that. Have you guys tried this ... http://uploads.im/SAr6Z.jpg Best I've seen.
  12. I've lost the "Happy Holidays" beneath my little feet there. Isn't this forum change exciting though. A veritable voyage of discovery.
  13. Hi Crystal, and welcome to the forum. It's possible the pics are incomplete. Damaged in some way or missing data. I have had some success opening damaged pics with a free program called IrfanView. Worth a try. IrfanView Portable: Of course having the pro version of Recuva means you are entitled to direct support from the Piriform developers ... Piriform Direct Support: Sorry I couldn't be of more help and good luck if you try the above options.
  14. Hi shurik. and welcome to the forum. Just in case it was missed I'll point the devs to your post.
  15. Hi mjohnsonn, and welcome to the forum. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I'll pass this info to the CCleaner devs. EDIT: If this entry is still flagged after the next CCleaner update, please feel free to post back here.
  16. What does your firewall say trium to make you think CCleaner is doing an update check? To tell you the truth I've no idea why CCleaner is being picked up by your firewall if update checking is off, but some info for me to pass on would maybe help.
  17. Hi Perry. Just a thought. Do you have all your photos backed up in some other location before you start deleting duplicates? Just in case a duplicate which isn't is deleted. Perish the thought, but best to play safe if we're talking about personal data.
  18. I remember the heady days when this forum was CCleaner only, with an easy on the eye blue colour scheme. Can't see the colour scheme coming back but a CCleaner only forum was so much less hassle. Maybe my optimism is getting carried away.
  19. Nice find hazel. It's been a while since I visited Doom9.
  20. I think it hilarious that "The IT Crowd" always first suggestion for a PC issue of "Have you turned it off and back on again?" actually works with a router.
  21. I was always a fan of Mplayer and used it for years but changed to MPC-HC for it's many more options, and like MPlayer, it's simple UI, small footprint and folder/install size. Also never fails to play a part downloaded file to check quality. Doesn't matter whether it's a video file or a ZIP/RAR etc. Cool player.
  22. Hi trium. Even if you had the latest Pro version you shouldn't get any indication at all about updates until a newer version is available. What kind of message or popup are you getting?
  23. I hope users realise that WhatsApp scrapped this "one year trial then nominal subscription" system some time back. WhatsApp is 100% free, 100% of the time. Although I'm not naive enough to think that some governments could, and probably would take advantage of a back door type thing, I would be more than happy to live with that it if succeeded in preventing one single terrorist attack.
  24. That took so long to read I thought "this had better be good". It was.
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