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  1. Hi guys, tank´s a lot for all your posts and sorry if did not comment this till now. I really don´t know if this could be relevant or not, but i find out that if i start the program and i start the cleaning at once, the program is running ok and i don´t get any "warning" message. This Appen just if i open the program and i let that stay open for a wile without using. It is a bit odd but at least I have a short solution. Thank you all again and let´s see how is going to be. B.
  2. Hi, since a wile i get a popup saying that the program crashed( see the pic in attachment) . When i close this popup also the program is closing, and also trying to send a report i get a fail popup and then the program get close. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, the Licence is ok and till end of January 21 valid, and now i don´t know how i can solve the problem. I need your help. Thanks B
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