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  1. I guess I just found my answer.. ok i decide to support original license until fowards to future... so it would be no problem if im using old lifetime license to new pc ... ok the old pc , i just hard format wipe clean.. yes the HDD/ SSD i dont sell it.. cuz its quite expansive to buy new one .. only the basic component like mobo / psu /etc etc for sale.. thank you for the reply... case closed.. have a good day to all of you.. happy new year..~
  2. bought Ccleaner bundle professional plus around Oct 30, 2014.. cost 42.75 USD I bought direct from https://www.ccleaner.com/last 10 days ago , it turn into " EXPIRED " license. i don't know why , but i saw a promotion LIFETIME LICENSE ONE TIME PAYMENT ON CCLEANER OFFICIAL WEBSITE that time.. I bought because someone at TECH shop gave a review for it, show me the website that day , buy this one lifetime , no need renew forever.. I decide to buy since it said LIFETIME , on the very official website.. before i bought the software I also read all the full T&C in the website also in
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