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  1. I have the CCleaner Professional Edition owned Sunday October 28 , 2012 and like you all it now say that this expired Monday October 28, 2013, But I do not have any of the problems you all are harping about. Yes I been getting them little reminder screens that I am expired. But when I go check I always have the most unto date version. And when I click on the support link it say I am expired and need to update my license, I bought a life time version and other than no more person support I am still getting update automatically . I am on a Window10 Pro 64 bit Machine and AMD FX - 8350 Eight Cor
  2. Well the only change I get is my Life Time CCleaner Professional still works like it always has and it still updates to the newest version all by itself only change is it know says I have expired on the same day I purchased it six years ago..... But everything works and yes every now and then I get a notice on my desk top to update which I encore cause I have a life time License Mr. Fixit
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