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  1. I was using the drive wiper 4 days ago to clean some external drives. Left my computer alone for a couple hours while it worked on erasing, came back to a bluescreen, rebooted, and immediate virus warnings popped up. I did not read them, the drives being wiped were already clean and formatted. I did not take time to write the bsod error message down, or save the results of the virus scan. I just know everything was fine until I used the Drive Wiper feature of ccleaner. Turned off computer, installed new SSD, reinstalled W10. Was not going to mess around poking it I'm not pointing fingers or trying to start a fight here, but has anyone else had a similar issue? Is the Driver Wiper program written by piriform or is it a 3rd party app just being incorporated into the ccleaner app? I NEVER get bsod's or virus's for that matter, or at least haven't in over 10 years now. Ive been using CCleaner for years now, and im not really sure if I should keep doing so.
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