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  1. You may recall of the breach they had last year, this is a direct result of that. Piss poor security practices lead to this, and now they are tying to re-key all certs and secrets... Just so happened right after the Avast take over too.
  2. Going on 6 months of downtime... Ever since the compromise, this has been a problem. It doesn't take 6 months to build in function to re-key certs... This is absolutely horrible, Avast has truly ruined CCleaner... Stop wasting time and hire an outside firm of professionals that can fix this for you in a matter of days, not months / years... This is the kinda of stuff my company does and can help you with! Stop the bleeding, your reputation is on the line and your are losing money every single day from this...
  3. I just bought 50 endpoints... No warning on their site, they still let you sign up and buy endpoints which I did. Yet I can't download an agent... I've emailed their support@ DL multiple times like Laurence mentioned and have not heard anything. I should have known when your repos got compromised and Avast bought you, CCleaner turned to trash...smh
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