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  1. Only several deleted files have a path of C:\$Recycle.Bin and they're all many years old. Other than them there's no $I or $R prefixed files. Recuva simply isn't showing any later activity. There are no recently recycled files. If you delete a file to your recycle bin, and then empty the recycle bin, are you able to find the file using Recuva?
  2. I'm using Recuva v1.53.1087 as admin in Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit. I have some packet captures that I have been deleting (moving to recycle bin) and then emptying the recycle bin. Those files do not show in the file list. I have reproduced this multiple times and I have enabled deep scan and rescanned but there is no difference. The files I have deleted from the recycle bin (via emptying) do not show in Recuva. The find file entry field does not have any data that would mistakenly filter out the files. Recuva did find a lot of files just not those files. I also considered maybe the filenames were lost or mangled so I sorted by date modified. I did not see any of the current date (the files were created and deleted today). Also I checked the 'Unknown' dates at the bottom. Those files were all no-name .cab files and .png files. Anyway I do not see the files and I've been pretty thorough.
  3. I completely missed the 'Filename or path' search box. My new suggestion is if someone presses CTRL+F put the focus on that box.
  4. When I use Recuva to search for all files it puts them in a list. I want to find text within that list but there's no find feature. I expected something like CTRL+F and then it would go to the first entry and either a find next or F3 to go to the next entry, and so on. As it is now I have to right-click to the context menu and save the file list to an output file which I can then open in notepad and search through. Not only is that unintuitive but if the files are found I still need to switch back to Recuva and manually find the files which with thousands of files is not easy.
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