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  1. Thanks for the reponse. the files were on an old flash drive that I found at home and I was sure to have videos in it. Could be that it had been used or all data was removed before. I am glad that I got some of the files, they are great but as you said, long time and maybe overwrite caused the issue. I thank you again, have a great day.
  2. Hello all, I recently purchased the Recuva app and it works really well. My issue is this, some of the videos that I have recovered (all are WMV) will not play and some will. I have noticed that on some the video comes up with a thumbnail of a music note icon. It keeps giving me "cannot open because the codec might be wrong or corrupted file". Either way I have changed the open with to VLC and it won't play either. I have checked my codec and it seems up to date. Any help is greatly appreciated. My windows media player is working and up to date, so my guess it that even thought the video is recovered correctly from a flash drive, it might be corrupted and the file with not open. I am not a savy person on the pc but I try. Thanks all .
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