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  1. Thank you all - it seems my choices are pay for either EaseUS or Stellar as they start the process and obviously get past the lost partition. I am not sure how much of my USB would be recoverable and pay about $100. or format the disk and see if Recuva can recover the deleted files - but there is a limit of ?? (MB) - how many MB Recuva will recover for free?
  2. I see - I have used EaseUS and Stellar - thy are ableto get to thefiles on the USB. However it is very expensive to use either one of those, especially as it is a once-off and I don't think I need the year's subscription
  3. So Recuva wont work then on a flash memory USB
  4. error message is: unable to determine file system type - the other free "download" recovery programs says I have a lost partition
  5. Does the free version of Recuva work with USBs?
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