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  1. The Microsoft Office 365 corruption problem is caused by the cleaning action -- not the registry cleaner. See the many entries in the forum posting under "Office 16/Office 365 potential issues with CCleaner [under investigation]." So far there has been no resolution of the problem -- Ccleaner's cleaning action corrupted my Microsoft Office 365 yet again only a few minutes ago. I've now disabled Ccleaner on my PC until Piriform announces a fix.
  2. I too have encountered this same problem over the past few months with locally installed Microsoft Office 365 on multiple PCs while running previous and the latest (1909) versions of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. I have unchecked anything relating to Office 365 on Ccleaner, but without any effect on resolving this problem. I have been using Ccleaner forever, and this problem only started occurring with the relatively recent versions of Ccleaner. Very frustrating to have to repair (reinstall) Office 365 so many times.
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