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  1. Well no support from support it seems. Take the money and run ! Maybe someone else can answer this please. I have recovered 5674 files but the program took 2+ weeks and got slower and slower then crashed. It said and showed initially that it found 12,000+ files so I would like to know what is the best way to get these files it has not yet recovered. I will not spend another 2 weeks doing it all over again just to see it crash after saving the same files as it did before. I need the files it has not done. Any ideas what is the best way to accomplish this please in
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes I think you right. So many files and some so large these days. Anyway I guess that's where some programs will survive and others go by the wayside. Once I get to the end of this Recuva process I will try a couple of the other competitors to see if they can get me my files quicker. It is good to know in case this ever happens again, and I do a lot of video editing. Yes turned off A/V, CC and everything else and have no web access. Both drives are near new WD Red HDDs. The problem one is 2TB and the new one is 4TB. I see where in the last day
  3. I have notified support about this on Dec 4 and it is now Dec 12, How long does it take for them to get back with a reply? I still have it running and recovering. Now up to file 5794 (53%) saying it is going to take another 8 days.
  4. Yes unfortunately. i will let it run overnight in case it is just struggling with bad sectors and may go back to the correct speed. Maybe if I did stop it, if the screen of found files stayed open, I could see the order it is saving from. The screen is still showing now with the Recovery panel and green line going, but I can't slide the list up to see where it is saving from. Not sure how easy these things are to implement in the script but maybe the team could look at offering these options to stop and resume or at least see the entire list of found files.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes slow it is. I have a txt file of the files it found, but the order is not the same as what it is recovering. This is in Notepad so i don't know where it got its sort order from. So, it may be hard to find exactly where it finished, if i stop it. For example it recovered the top file, then the next on was the last on this list, missing all inbetween.
  6. So from 7am this morning to 8pm tonight it has recovered 11 files with an average size of 660 kb. If I stop this, can I resume where it stopped to continue with the recovery ?
  7. The next day 7am we are up to 49% 5642 files with 2 days left it says.
  8. Hi again, Have r3ecovered 5618 files to the other 2TB drive but for the last 40 hours it has taken forever to save 3 files. It seems sort of stuck at about Current Progress 48% since file 5611 to now 5618 saying 1 day to go. When I go to Win 10 Explorer to check the files on the new disk, it does nor resolve to the explorer tree to see the files. The green line at the top stays there. The actual partition I am saving to Red Data is near 3 TB but doesn't show fully like the other partitions on the screen. No bar etc. I have attached the screen shot of it and the Recuva where
  9. HI and thanks for the reply. No, am saving them to a new 2TB drive. After the deep scan, I am now doing a 'Recover' and so far it has recovered 5912 files and in Win 10 Explotrer they look fine in View mode. Tried a few videos and they work,, MP4 and mts2. So I am hoping to get more and will report on the final results. oz PS Before getting to Recuva tried, TestDisk, Euseus, Mini Tool and another but they only showed names as unnamed, file00001 and recoverd0001 etc. I took a log file of TestDisk but so far no on in the last week has been on the forum to tell me
  10. I have done a Deep scan and here is a screen shot of some of them. Can I save these. They say they are excellent? It is Win 10 1903 x64 2TB drive affected - 2TB extra drive for saving files. Where do I go from here ? The best scenario
  11. I tried the free version of Recuva and got this message so assumed it was because I needed to buy the Pro. Now I buy the Pro pack and still get the message. The system cannot find the specified file It says it is Excellent too. I have thousands like this and can't get one. What am I doing wrong please? oz Header is all zeros
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