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  1. Thank you Andavari, I have installed and reinstalled multiple times, now I spent 2 months with support and there's nothing they could do I had to tell them to close the ticket, and spent another 2 months going online to try and find as to why a program won't stay in the tray, now I can see that the same will happen here, So conclusion I would like that topic to be CLOSE, I have 4 months to go until my subscription ends so I will continue to click on ccleaner to open it as this is the the only way I can get it to work. after I will be buying another product I tested the free version of wise care 365 ran a clean then went to ccleaner ran a clean and there's was nothing to clean, So whoever is in charge of the forum please close this topic as I will not reply.
  2. Yes I have ccleanerskipuac enable.
  3. Nergal, I have tried that my problem is not with custom clean or easy clean, my problem is like I posted it won't stay in the system tray, I have to open and close ccleaner for it to work, as far as easy clean or custom clean i don't see a problem using easy clean, pro user means that I have ccleaner professional. was there a fix on the issue of version 1903 to witch nukecad posted. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the reply nukecad and Nergal, I forgot to mention that this problem started with version 1903, was there any fix? Pretty sad to have to open ccleaner and then close it for the program to work,everytime I open my laptop that is what I have to do.
  5. version 1909 I've been a pro user for over 4 years,also I'm new to the or any forum
  6. yes I do don't know what I did for this to happen,the only way I can ccleaner to work is to open it then close it then it will go in the tray
  7. ccleaner won't go and stay in the system tray windows 10 home
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