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  1. I can't believe that this still has not been resolved. I have resolved the issue by moving on. Uninstalled paid and free copies (1 desktop & 2 laptops). Now using [competition] (Free Version) & [competition] (Free Version) cleans well and ABSOLUTELY no Office problems.
  2. My Pro Licence is due for renewal on Monday, given that this issue has been ongoing since July 2019 when first raised and there has been no visible attempt to rectify the issue, I will not be renewing. When I pay for software, I expect support when there is an issue, especially when it corrupts essential software like Outlook, Word and Excel.
  3. I have been having this same problem for a number of months with Office 2016 it appears to only impact Outlook and Word and corrupts the related executable files. I am now getting very annoyed at having to reinstall Office almost every time I run CCleaner Pro and regardless if I run Easyclean or Custom Clean the problem occurs. I have tried removing One Drive as mentioned above by Picky Number 1 and have Office unticked and greyed out under Applications - whilst the interval of the problem reoccurring is longer, it does not fix the issue. Prior to the issue commencing, I was running a
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