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  1. Can anybody confirm that this has indeed been fixed? I will try to enter my product code again tonight when I get home from work
  2. Thank you all for this thread, I am not even done reading it all, but I did what one other poster mentioned, when I purchased my gaming PC in 2015, I bought malwarebytes and CCleaner, both mentioned it was for life and could be removed and placed on another PC. Well when I recently updated that old gaming pc to windows 10, my paid version of CCleaner was no more...so I am now in the same boat, arguing with them about this issue. My personal feeling is, neither of these companies could see far enough ahead to know subscription services would become the best way to make more $ with their products, decided to screw over there long time loyal consumers and now have revisionist history...Was there ever a resolution? I don't even mind having to update it myself...I just don't like not having the advanced features that I paid for. I say we make a concerted effort to flame these people on social media every chance we can...
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