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  1. If there is a time limit on quotes, I missed it in the rules. I was agreeing with him about you guys being like gold. Then I added my obvious -2 cents worth. Sorry.
  2. Hook your computer up to the internet, put the Sony "Charlies Angels-Full Throttle" DVD into machine, then tell me what you think of Sony. I dare you. WARNING- this is how I found out rootkit was not on CDs' only, although Sony denies this. I have a high speed connection which may have aided the program, dial-up might be possible to catch in time, but I doubt it.
  3. I really don't understand anything anymore. Every1 wants a 20 ft. TV and a 2 in. player to watch movies on. The only bad review I found about the Creative Zen was a loose jack connection right at the player that could be fixed by wedging in almost anything.
  4. Probably because it works great, easy to use and set-up, stops things from getting on as opposed to getting it then having to remove it, and gives you complete control. What apps can connect, what can download, when and what to scan, parental control and more. A newbie, such as myself, with limited experience being with NOrtON and McAfee(liked), it is great! My computer is so much faster than with NOrtON, there is no comparison. Plus with my Internet connection it is available as a free download. Last download average speed, 94144KB/sec, while being scanned. Bottom line. Makes me feel f-secur
  5. I most definitely agree F-Secure. It is free for me with my cable connection. AVG would be my choice after that but F-Secure works great for me. No complaints, no reason to switch.
  6. XPSP2

    Rate my computer!

    I have: AMD Sempron 3400+,1.99 GHz, 448 MB Ram, ATI Radeon Express 200, WindowsXP Home SP2. I just purchased GTR2-FIA GT Racing Game, which you supposedly need a super computer to play, but I have had no problem playing this game or GT Legends, although I have not tried on-line game play yet. GTR2 Recommended System Requirements: Windows XP Home/Pro 3 GHz Intel Pentium IV 1GB Ram DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 256 MB memory This is the best looking game I have ever seen. Graphics are so amazing, some of the replays look like you are watching a race on TV it is so real
  7. I am a newbie myself, but from what I have read, anytime you open the case of your computer, leave it plugged in or wear special static proof gloves as a static electrical shock could screw-up components. If it is plugged in, you are grounded and static is not an issue.
  8. When I downloaded OpenOffice, over 1yr.ago, it told me there were tracking cookies and that deleting them or disabling them would cause the program to not work. I installed anyway to try it as I had heard good things about it and I didn't have $500 for MS Office Pro. After two weeks of watching my brand new HP computer perform slowly, I uninstalled OpenOffice. Not everything uninstalled properly and me being a newbie and having a brand new computer, it was easier at the time for me to re-install complete OS. Except for the one week-end, I made the mistake of putting in a Sony DVD, yes DVD, not
  9. R-click "my Computer", click Properties, select the remote tab, check the box to have it selected then click the advanced button, in the new dialog box, deselect allowing remote control, click apply then/or Ok, deselect box on the remote tab, click apply then/and Ok.
  10. XPSP2


    I seriously doubt that you are spyware free. Multiple applications of similiar software causes instability of system and may cause each and every similiar program to not work properly, hence you do not have multiple virus applications on same PC for added security. I use the full suite of "F-Secure" anti-virus, which works very well, and the settings are such that it detects spyware B4 it is installed, not after the fact (until I scan), I received no "spyware" or "adware" warnings while installing CCleaner. Although I have not run the virus-scan since installing (installed 2 hrs ago), I am co
  11. I have the same question and am going to try to install and run on my "limited" account CCleaner by R-Clicking the installer, then click "Run as..." and selecting admin option, which should install the program on that "limited" account, allowing that user to use (maybe). I am no expert, but it seems to me that there is only one "Register", therefore I would assume cleaning the registry from the admin account cleans the whole register for all users. I only want to run from other accounts to be able to use the other easy to use functions. This seems to be the easiest way to list and stop progra
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