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  1. If your computer or printer has a card reader that will take the card for your camera, then this is the preferred method to download pictures from the camera to the computer as using the USB method drains the batteries according to my sister and another friend of mine. Also was shown this on my computer by my sister. Batteries had a good charge, albeit not a full charge, plugged into my USB, not enough juice left to fully completely download all photos. Lots of printers come with software that will work with the cameras without having to install the cameras software. I can plug anything into m
  2. Thank-you for the correct term rridgely! I have been very tired for quite some time now and couldn't for the life of me think of optical. Was hoping people would understand the "lens" term but this will ensure there is no confusion and stop people looking for the "third type" of zoom.
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    Problem Solving

    When trouble shooting, it is usually best to work backwards. I would start by seeing if another monitor will work. there are no harddrives in and the power supply was faulty (i am using a new power supply now) . any suggestions?? Might also want to look at putting in a hard drive and then an operating system so you have something to turn on.
  4. Did you by chance run "systemlabrequirements" testing tool to test if your PC will run a game just before this happened? I did. After doing so, my fans were coming on and going nuts. At first just coming on more frequently at higher RPM's, then it graduated to being on all of the time, even when sitting idle. It had changed all the settings for the fan speeds. I would only recommend this tool to my enemies.
  5. Go to Windows update, do not update, use administrator options link. Follow from there. I did this for a friend of mine who only had a 28Kb connection and was still updating 7 months after purchasing new computer. I sent him the DVD and he has been smiling ever since.
  6. From: WinRAR-Support <support@rarsales.com> Reject this message and all other messages from this email address CC: Hello XXXXX, If you need a good software to backup and compress your data, please use WinRAR. If you need a backup of your whole windows partition, please use a Software, which supports a Disk Image Backup. Best regards, Klaro at WinRAR-Support
  7. If you are looking at the zoom, always go for lens zoom. 5X lens + 2X digital = 10X zoom 2X lens + 5X digital = 10X zoom The first option with 5X lens zoom will produce a much better picture than the 2nd option. Lens zoom moves in closer, digital zoom expands the pixels. As someone already stated, 5 megapixels is all most people really need. 6 megapixels will give a quality poster print the size of a door!
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  9. I'll get Vista but will wait at least 1 year for them to work the bugs out. I'll try new stuff, but I won't buy new stuff. HD DVD and Blech-Ray aren't even hardly here and they are talking about a new halographic disc that blows them away, without trying apparently. Xtra Power for me too for at least another year, maybe a little longer, depending on how this halographic technology developes.
  10. Test was probably trying to do something to browser it shouldn't, stopped it by shutting down IE. I was at another forum where a tool is recommended for testing your puter for game compatability. After running test, my fan started to come on, which is unheard of on my puter unless I am playing racing game. Checked speedfan, Fan1 at 57%, Fan2 @65%, both are always at 40% prior to this and I could only change in increments of 5%. Not even by highlighting and inputting could I get it to read anything but a multiple of 5. They did not have GTR2 listed so I tested by using GTR. It said I could not
  11. Which is exactly why when my Sister and another friend of mine wanted to check their email I said sure, bring your laptop and I will connect you to my router, but you are not using my computer to check your email. I trust my Sister but I don't trust her browsing habits.
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    BING=BootIt NG=BootIt Next Generation
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    Thank-you for the link. I have been going through the posts and it has finalized my decision not to buy Acronis. However, it has turned me on to a program called "BING" that people on that site are talking about. Apparently it is easy to use, reliable and their support site is supposed to be excellent, including video tutorials. Thanks again, XPSP2
  14. Firefox finally told me yesterday morning about new update. got it, installed it, used all day no problem. was just viewing another article elsewhere, flash, I am looking at my desktop. I have been using FF for over a couple of years now but I think it is time to see if I get these problems with IE7 as well. I have noticed that the fox is disappearing up north too but I think this is due to the increase in wolves.
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    OK. Great. Thank-you My manual says it is upgradeable to 4Gb (4 * 1GB) 184 pin DDRAM, if I remember correctly, but it didn't say anything about order or mixing. Thank-you for the information. I had called HP but it is hard to get anyone knowledgeable. The second time I called HP, after buying my computer, I realized I was basically calling someone much like myself, not an expert, who went through the help and support guide, trouble shooting section, which I can do myself. Their main focus is to sell you more warranty & support and to offer the quick fix of doing a system restore, which in
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    I have not yet come across anything regarding this, but can I mix sticks, for example, add 2x1Gb sticks, leaving in the 2x256MB for a total of 2.5Gb, or do the the 4 sticks need to be the same size? Thanks for the explanations, I only know enough to know I know nothing. XPSP2
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    Has anyone here used Acronis Disk Director? I did a forum search and only got results for one entry, all others were related to Acronis True Image. I am thinking of purchasing the program, but am a little leery even of trying this trial version I have until I get some input. I am prepared to do a re-install of OS if necessary, but that takes two days normally and this time I would have to learn how to create partitions before the install. Thanks, XPSP2 Never mind, here is the last e-mail I sent them. “The problem is that Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 can not resize your system partition
  18. Down to bare bones FF, un-installed all add-ons, ran CCleaner, twice, as I forgot to do it on my limited account, which is the one I always use for the net, now wait and see I guess. Already a lot faster without the add-ons though I have noticed. Thanks, XPSP2
  19. I have just re-installed, before I saw your post, all bookmarks and add-ons were already included again, they did not get un-installed, didn't even ask to import from IE7. Also, Mozilla site only had FF 2.0 for download. I will try this as is, with the fresh install, if problems are persistent, I will follow your recommendations. Thank-you very much, XPSP2
  20. Remove all u think? Also forgot this one till it just happened again. Program not responding(Firefox). Figured I would uninstall and start fresh, export bookmarks to desktop, look at desk top, shows bookmarks with an IE7 icon, yet they are the 1's from FF.
  21. I don't know about any1 else, but I have been experiencing problems with FF2. I hope this update cures it as I was even considering going back to IE7 just this am. Problems = experiencing a problem-firefox needs to close immediately- I see this now more than when I used IE6; Portions of web pages overlapping making unreadable and just generally not presenting page properly. Also, keep getting a green bar just below tabs saying synchronization complete. With what? To what? Try to click, or r-click, just disappears, I get no info on the matter. I am thinking it could be in conflict with AdBlockP
  22. Thank-you very much Do I close this topic, mark solved, does someone else, or just leave it?
  23. Can any1 tell me why windows update is telling me that there is an update for windows media player 6.4? I have windows media player 10. Thank-you
  24. Speaking of corners, I wouldn't want to try one too fast with those tires
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