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    Scares me

    Consider yourself lucky if you can get support for anything that is almost ten years old. Especially computer/technology based.
  2. They are. You'll have to read the guide on their options though. Personally, I don't want other people in control of my user profile and making the decisions as to when and what gets deleted. I would bet money that other people who have computers with multiple users feel the same way. I don't bookmark every page I go to. Should I decide to go back, I have my history files, unless someone else deleted them for me.
  3. 1) Make sure he is a limited account user. 2) Use firewall or router to block sites you do not wish him to use. Parental controls.
  4. If you read the guide it explains this as well as how to do a more thorough clean.
  5. Makes it sound easy to steal someones computer. I guess there is no point in hiding my install keys in a seperate safe location. Doing this they don't even need to buy an OS to use my computer.
  6. Never just delete. Use the uninstaller.
  7. XPSP2

    Firefox Add-on

    Your wife is the typical user that MS tries to cater to(which I appreciate). I am not saying that in a bad way but that is the real reason behind the vulnerabilities of MS OS's and IE. They make it so you can use it immediately with practically no computer knowledge. Most people don't want to change settings to do something out of the ordinary browsing experience. IE6 can be a safe browser but set up in that safe fashion you can't download, certain pages won't look right etc... without changing these settings. Thats why I like the NoScript add-on, two clicks, settings are changed, and you are
  8. Where do they get these stats from? First its online computer users then its cell phones.
  9. http://www.tucows.com/preview/340159 You can pay if you want them to update but will tell you what you need and you can find yourself.
  10. XPSP2


    "I hate it when my computer does what I tell it to and not what I want it to." --Unknown
  11. I don't know but if there is a program on my computer that I don't know about through Add/Remove programs, then I hope CCleaner continues to do so. Otherwise, how do you know they are there and get rid of them?
  12. From the help files: Temporary Files Many applications use temporary files when working to save information. These are normally deleted upon exit, but occasionally they can be left behind. Normally when the program is not shut down properly. This option will safely delete these files. (By default it only removes files that haven't been used in the last 10 days, this prevents current temp files from being removed. There is an option to turn off this feature on the Options window.)
  13. If it did that my girlfriend would be very unhappy with me as she sometimes puts things in recycle bin till she makes up her mind whether to keep or not.
  14. XPSP2

    Firefox Add-on

    I was experiencing problems with FF crashing even with just adblock as only add-on, extension, theme, to the point where I quit using FF altogether. But since retrying FF with just NoScript, it works beautifully again and faster than ever since you aren't opening and running all the ads.
  15. XPSP2

    Firefox Add-on

    Options, which is quite visible, (I leave the warning bar on the bottom when it blocks and/or sound to tell you it is blocking) temporarily allow, or alternatively, always allow depending on site and situation. Default is to reload page you are on if you do allow. I know enough to know I know nothing and find it quite easy to use.
  16. I assume gparted works with windows? If it does, do you know of a good link for instructions on use? Also will this destroy info on existing partitions?
  17. XPSP2

    ca antivirus

    Maybe you should inform them of this, politely. Lots of companies would improve if they only knew how and in what ways. You might also be surprised by the response you get back from them. Perhaps a free renewal if you are polite and explain fully how you feel.
  18. I can't remember what thread I was clued into this with, but I must say I love this NoScript Add-on for Firefox. I was having trouble with FF and went to IE7, but after reading about this add-on went and got it and I am no longer having any trouble with FF. It works faster than ever, blocks ads, almost too good to be true! I highly recommend to anyone who does not have it yet.
  19. http://www.brianyi.org/2006/11/05/filterse...the-benchmarks/
  20. lol. Good one. Halographic pictures have been around for over thirty years that I know of. They are the pictures that change depending on the angle you are looking at them. This is what the laser will be doing. Changing angles.
  21. Yes they can put it on a cd/dvd for you if you want. But it sounds like you are into photography so you would probably enjoy the features of a good photo editing program. You can crop, resize, remove redeye, rotate, make black & white , add color, change color and much more. Can really be fun. They aren't that hard to use. I know nothing of computers or photography, yet I can use my "digital darkroom" quite easily. I beleive you can also buy external card readers that plug into computer via usb. When you do this it should default to "my pictures" in "my documents" or you can select a diffe
  22. The newer XP must be a little smarter as so far if I don't have the driver it asks for permission to get it. Also, when I plug in a device it tells me the make and model. This came in handy when an acquaintance tried to sell me a webcam. There was nothing on device telling me what it was in any way so I couldn't google it to find info on it. Plugged it into computer, voila, all the info I needed. I still didn't buy tho as I suspected it was hot and he had nothing to convince me otherwise. I do not support theiving as it really does cost us all.
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