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  1. Yes that was excellent. Thank-you.
  2. I get a 403 Forbidden error. Does the link work still?
  3. XPSP2

    Setting up DSL?

    Hows your speed? http://www.speedtest.net/
  4. After visiting their site and using their tool, my fans started acting up. Also told me I couldn't run a game which I already run, although they linked me to a site to buy necessary equipment. I re-installed XP, fans work properly again. Never hear them unless I am running the game they said I couldn't run. Or at start-up. I will never ever even consider using their tool again. Read the box game comes in.
  5. XPSP2


    Just re-install the software for it. IE7 disabled a lot of scanners. If you just got it, that may have been the problem. In that case, you may need new drivers or a fix from brother.
  6. Another good little article. http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,129126/a...ml?tk=nl_wbxnws
  7. Yahoo uses symantec products. If you download something from email, it will say, scanned using NOrtON anti-virus.
  8. I agree with waiting at least a year, as with any new product. A couple of my friends went and got Vista, foolishly IMHO, were experiencing a lot of problems, running slow etc... They had a Gb of memory, installed another Gb, no problems now. Vista needs a Gb of ram to run, then you need another Gb of ram to do anything with.
  9. Open Office has come a long way in the 2 years since I last tried it. I didn't like it then, but I really like it now. I only keep MS Office on computer because I need it for work, otherwise I would uninstall it.
  10. XPSP2


    Well its been a month and a half. I am going to have to go with my original statement as no new issues have arose and that is a lot of time for a hardware problem to get worse.
  11. Just curious, how much time do you spend each week/month on updates/scans? I do nothing automatic on my computer to ensure it is actually done. I figure about ten hours per month on my XP ensuring security and everything is up to date. Thanks for the replies. XPSP2
  12. Microsoft has encountered a problem. Fatal error#Vista
  13. PC World article on IE7 http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,128536/a...ml?tk=nl_cbxcol
  14. A company should be able to purchase a program. I believe this to be morally appropriate for any company that wishes to make a profit. Non-profit company/organization is a different story. Maybe you should inquire/suggest about a corporate version of CCleaner!
  15. XPSP2

    Antivir Antivirus

    I am getting confused. If the free version does not have real time protection, how is it catching it?
  16. XPSP2


    I like it. Very fast.
  17. XPSP2


    Friend of mine was having problems with his computer after accidentally leaving it on-line all night. Got up in the am monitor was showing "No Signal." Couldn't turn computer off. After pulling plug and plugging back in, couldn't turn it on. Spent most of a day trouble shooting. After forcing it to reconfigure by installing and uninstalling a different video card, got it to start long enough to run CCleaner with the registry option. I assume it was a corrupt registry. Been fine ever since. Thank-you very much CCleaner. I made sure to tell him to show his appreciation as well since even a $20
  18. I assume I assumed wrong. I used Partition Manager 2005, worked great!
  19. Instead of asking which anti-virus is the best, I thought I would ask the experts what is being used by people the most that you need to assist with? NOrtON, AVG etc.. I think this may be useful for determining a good anti-virus software to use as it will help to eliminate some of the many many suggestions on what to use. Maybe even post some actual stats? Replies from all who assist in removal will be appreciated. Thank-you very much, XPSP2 Learning Support Services Sir Sandford Fleming College Peterborough, Ontario Canada
  20. That will just create a duplicate of the pinned article at the top of the forum.
  21. From the guide: Temporary Files Many applications use temporary files when working to save information. These are normally deleted upon exit, but occasionally they can be left behind. Normally when the program is not shut down properly. This option will safely delete these files. (By default it only removes files that haven't been used in the last 10 days, this prevents current temp files from being removed. There is an option to turn off this feature on the Options window.)
  22. XPSP2

    Did You Know

    Nor do they have 90% of the market share. On that perspective, Apple has more OS's per market share. I wish Apple did have 90% though so that malicious people would leave us windows people alone and attack them instead. I do agree that 4, sorry 9, is a bit much though.
  23. Quit using msn messenger or any like it. It is famous for spreading viruses. Don't even have to have it running and it will spread a virus via email to another user who doesn't even use a messenger. On my computer it is uninstalled immediately after NOrtON (after reinstalling my bundled OS).
  24. With FF, click tools, click options, click privacy tab. Also check settings at the private data part of that page.
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