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  1. LOL! You do know that rridgley is a volunteer on this site and gets paid nothing by the sites owners don't you?


    Some people enjoy helping others because its rewarding to help others, and it feels good to use a skill that you are good at to enrich other peoples experiences in life. :)

    I happen to do a lot of volunteer work myself for that exact reason. More than most people.

    I like to help people.

    I go to old folks homes and Churches and do low-income seniors' taxes. I also tutor students free.

    I like to think I am trying to help people informing them about Linux and get shot for it every time. Saved me a lot of money and time making the switch.

    Some very rude remarks have been made. Maybe you didn't see them before they were edited. I did. There is no call for that, even if you disagree with me.

    I've been running Linux two months now doing everything I want. I think it is a viable option for those of us who can't afford new computers and OSs(I am not rich, will probably be late with rent this month).

    I still haven't used a command line. Although some of you on windows will have done so. Start>Run...ring a bell?

    It's been a slice.

    Take care Andavari and have fun with Linux.

  2. Oh wow, you got me. Not. :rolleyes:


    1. I have nothing running real time

    2. The only reason I even have anything installed at all is for one of the following reasons:

    - To check programs I download before I recommend them on here

    - If people are having problems I can try to walk them through fixing it

    - I also test security software a lot so I can recommend to people what is good and whats not. ( I dont know if you've noticed, but I spend a lot of time helping people clean up computers. I need to know what works and what doesn't).


    Ever think that maybe, just maybe I needed to make sure updates were working because I just told someone to use it in a hijackthis log? ;)

    How much do you get paid?

    Seems like a lot of work to do when you could just educate them and then they wouldn't get virus'. Or need all those programs running. They could surf like you n me and go wherever they wanted to. Click any link they wished. Actually use the internet.

    How many computers do you have set up? I mean you would have to test this on 95 to Vista wouldn't you? I have seen software recommended for only one or two versions of windows. How many differently configured computers? Are you given brand new computer set-ups to test this on? All different brands?(HP told me their computers don't like Nero)

    Sign me up! I'll even quit recommending Linux to people. Would be bad for business. ;)

  3. Thanks for that.


    I've been chatting on the eMule forum, but I'm now more confused than ever! They obviously mean well, but I don't know what they mean by ports and private Ip etc.


    I'm just looking for a basic Janet and John idiot's guide - the help section on eMule just gives me a headache!

    With KTorrent, you search for a file to download, could be through this link (http://www.torrentz.com/), although it doesn't have to be, browse to its' page, click download, everything gets set up automatically, including router. Starts downloading @ 800KB/s average speed (each) for a 4GB movie. From there you need to learn to fine tune it to get it to download faster. They have their own forum.

    I know it sounds complicated, but, you have to remember, this is Linux. B)

  4. You don't have to have any security software to keep windows virus free. I and many others on the forum do it every day without a single security program running.

    :lol: I don't get this impression reading your other posts.

    Such as AVG not updating properly but you just tried it two hours ago with no problems. :D

  5. Limewire - which used to work fine on my computer - can't now connect, and I think it's because of my security, which is AVG Free Edition.


    But I can't find anywhere on AVG where I can add Limewire to a 'safe list'.


    Any ideas?

    Maybe they had a crash. Saw a similar post on another forum.

    What is your OS?


    Since reading this a few days ago:


    I have been using KTorrent. Works great.

  6. Newsflash just in: Dateline April 1, 2007 - Our ace reporter Danny Crane tells us Sir William Gates, long known for his altruism and charity, but also known for recognizing ways to make money when he sees them, has decided that he is going to relieve himself of the dinosaur that is Windows and invest in a rising up-and-coming Linux distro called PCLinuxOS. The brainchild of a genius who goes simply by the name of Texstar, PCLinuxOS has come into its own with the release of PCLinuxOS 2007. Having been in development for about four years PCLinuxOS has far surpassed the best efforts of Windows in its many-year history. It is rumored that Sir William is also engaged in talks with Warren Buffet to see if he wants in on the ground floor of what is almost certain to be the most successful computer operating system yet. We will have more for you as the story develops.

  7. Well, internet is working great. Network is set up just fine wirelessly. Both printers work on both computers-but not through the network. I have all the correct drivers, etc. installed, but it wont let me set it up for sharing.


    I followed all the instructions in the above link, but it wont let me share either printer. Havent figured out why yet though. It has to be something to do with the network, not the printers or the computers because they are all working great.


    Is it possible i have a service shut off on the desktop that I need to turn on? Any services I should check on to see if its the problem?


    Any help would be great!


    Oh and the new printer prints better pictures than the old one, but doesnt fax, so between the two of them i now have a pretty rockin print set up!


    Good times!

    Maybe ask this guy



    Funny how everyone says how fast Vista starts, yet this guy says by default it waits 30 secs before loading OS.

    Either he doesn't know what he is talking about or everyone else figured this out very quickly. Maybe he isn't the guy to ask.lol

  8. I have the same router.

    To change settings, I type in an address. I fail to see what difference it makes which OS you are using.

    It works with Linux. :lol:

    Surely it will be easier to find support for Vista than Linux. No?

  9. Judging by your sig, I'd say you are more savvy than I.

    I downloaded and installed Google Earth by "clicking."

    Had a problem with it that I just cured by "clicking." (It worked, but wasn't super smooth, a little jerky)

    Turns out I had wrong driver installed for 3D apps. All I did was look at hardware configuration.

    Almost forgot, I had to log in as root to do that. :D

  10. Ok, but why is the writing in my screen shot all out of whack? Like the headlines for the two videos are not in the black area like in your guys screen shots. Mine is all off center.


    I'll have to play around with this.

    Good question. Maybe try manufacturer for graphics drivers instead of using Vistas' or vice versa.

  11. I'm not too keen on the stuff discussed in this article. I have a vista updgrade disc(home premium) that I'm debating installing.(because of that and other reasons). I got it for free, so I won't be out anything by not using it.


    I would love to be able to switch to linux, but like andavari noted hardware detection right now quite frankly sucks. And unlike windows, you cant just install a driver from an exe to get it to work, you have to screw around in the command line. (which I'm not totally against, but I just don't know what the hell I'm doing. I did get my wifi and ati card working, but my sound card wouldn't work not matter what.) I've tried mepis and pclinuxos and it was about the same thing with both.


    To be honest if I had to use linux right now it would be mepis or kubuntu. PClinuxOS booted from the live cd but when I installed it it didn't work.(Not sure why, don't really care)


    I've just kind of accepeted that I'm using XP untill MS doesn't support it. :P

    I'd read the EULA before I used that upgrade disc. It specifically states "After you upgrade, you may no longer use the software you upgraded from."


  12. Oh, I should have added that I read on another forum that the Vista service pack 1 is tentatively scheduled for about 2 years from now, and the next platform "Vienna" would be coming out in about 4 years. Just something to think about.


    My thought would be that if Microsoft wanted to make a few bucks and get their platform out there, Vienna should be a minimalist and stripped down operating system at a reduced cost-more people would purchase it, and it would be cheaper to design.


    Just my two cents. :)

    Then it must be Fuji that is due to be released in less than two years from now.

    I thought Vista was secure?

    Why do you need anti-malware?

    If you like it to look at, check this out, it's free!


  13. See I wasn't lying when I said hardware support on linux was lack luster or that the tutorials were too hard to understand. :P

    I'm glad you took the time to try it, and know what you aren't missing. :lol:

    Just a question.

    When you buy hardware and software now, do you check to see if it is compatible with your OS and what requirements are?

    If yes, then could you please explain to me why this couldn't be done for Linux if one wanted to use it as their OS? :P

    If no, then I am sure you have made useless purchases at one time or another or got very lucky. ;)

    Personally, I always check for requirements. B)

    Forgot to ask, how much hardware support is there for Vista. :lol:

  14. Everything impressed me!!! such as:
    • The look of it was a fresh uncluttered look and feel, that I'm sure Microsoft would never create.

    • It ran super smooth, even from the DVD-RW I burned the .ISO onto.

    • Seems like a very thorough OS, yet simpler and quicker - dare I say more newbie friendly than even WinXP (well to me at least), I wish I had learned computers on this back in 1998. In other words crap wasn't hidden deep away from the user which I liked and appreciated very much.

    • Worked with my DSL connection right off the CD which actually surprised me, I visited the forums here but didn't log in because I didn't know what type of security was or wasn't in place.


      Of course I'm going to have to spend more time thoroughly using it when I finally get a chance to put it on my old computer but that's probably several days, or weeks away.

    The only thing though is my DSL connection seemed a little bit slower, although I didn't test the connection speed on any speed test website to know for sure.


    As rridgely stated wait because it found 122 MB of available updates, so might as well wait for the next .ISO version to be released versus downloading nearly 700 MB then to turn around and download another 122 MB or maybe higher when the next version is released.


    I do wonder, if it's installed does it read FAT32 and/or NTFS filesystems? I have no idea if it does or not because I couldn't browse my NTFS C: and D: hard drives

    Read-write NTFS driver for Linux

    The ntfs-3g driver is an open source, freely available read/write NTFS

    driver, which provides safe and fast handling of the Windows XP, Windows

    Server 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista filesystems. Almost the full

    POSIX filesystem functionality is supported, the major exceptions are

    changing the file ownerships and the access rights.


    The purpose of the project is to develop, continuously quality test and

    support a trustable, featureful and high performance solution for hardware

    platforms and operating systems whose users need to reliably interoperate

    with NTFS. Besides this practical goal, the project also aims to explore

    the limits of the hybrid, kernel/user space filesystem driver approach,

    performance, reliability and feature richness per invested effort wise.


    The driver is in STABLE status. The test methods, the test suites used and

    testimonials can be found on:




    News, support answers, problem submission instructions, support and discussion

    forums, performance numbers and other information are available on the project

    web site at:



  15. I knew their audio CDs had a rootkit but I didn't know of any DVDs. Was it a rootkit or a virus, worm, trojan, etc.


    The Sony DRM Rootkit can be blocked using SpywareBlaster using the customblocking.zip file download located below.

    Sony does not come near my computer anymore. Nothing sony.

    Computer running, anti-virus, router hooked up and running as well as being configured properly, looking at desktop, no browser or program windows open.

    Popped in a DVD my sister lent me which she had purchased (Charlies Angels - Full Throttle).

    Was waiting for the pop-up box which asks you what you want to do with the disk.

    It never happened nor had a chance.

    Desktop changed. Looked like what you would see if you had created and logged on a new user account.

    Went to check files, there wasn't any.

    Logged off. Log on to admin account, wrong password. Tried again, same result. Dug out paper with password to verify. Tried again. No go.

    Everything was changed and I couldn't log on. To any account. All passwords had been changed.

    Thats the best I can answer your question as to what it was. I spent the next two days reformatting, installing, un-installing, updating and installing other programs I wanted.

    Thanks for the link but, I use GNU/Linux now. It is impervious to all of those. There is the odd virus for Linux but you have to install it. No virus made for ms will work on Linux. Same for rootkits, trojans and worms.


    Sony denied it was their disc. I don't see how it could have been anything else. A friend set up my router, settings are still the same. He has 5-6 years of computer education as well as work experience networking.

  16. Hey there XPSP2.


    I do understand what your saying about multiple users. For years i had to share with my parents until i recently got my own laptop as a "Congrats, son, you survived 18 years on this earth" present :P

    Regardless of my good habits as a computer user my parents would often screw it up due to computer illiteracy. In that aspect, i can certainly see how Linux gives you complete peace of mind having to have multiple users on a single computer.


    As for burning dvds. People have blown vista's DRM totally out of perspective. Its a complete misunderstanding. Its not nearly as bad as people say it is, and its never given me a problem. Why i copied a DVD just a couple days ago on my vista machine using a third party software of course.


    As for the tweaks. Most are simple things that anyone with a sound knowledge of the windows OS's can do. Most of what i meant lies in the programs you use for protection. I know Linux doesnt require much protection (if any) but not even linux is invincible. Linux is being more widely used for individual users as well as on servers so its actually becoming worth it for programmers to write harmful code that does infect linux. Its only a matter of time till linux will be quite unsecure itself (but not moreso than windows, it still takes the cake for out-of-the-box security issues : P) Ram doesnt need to be a problem either, with the right use of programs you can easily use an insignificant amount of ram and still have security like a tank.


    Im not putting linux down, its awsome for someone interested in doing everyday tasks. But thats kindof what your limited to unless you wanna search the web for a tut that will actually work for your linux distro. Thats assuming that what you want to do can even be done.


    You have to install the virus to get it with Linux. Downloading is not installing. With windows, you just need to click the link, insert CD or USB, presto, virus.

    If you research Linux, it is not worth it to try to write code for it, regardless of how many people adopt it. You still have to install the virus.


    I'm not sure what it is you want to do but, PCLinuxOS has everything already that most people want to do. If I want to rip-n-burn a DVD, software is already there(K3B), no searching anywhere(Other than package manager if an APP isn't already installed. Not in package manager, make a request for it, it will be added). Photo-editing? Gimp is there. VLC is there. Open Office is there. FireFox is there. What is it that you want to do? I am a newbie, but let me know and I will find the right app for you. Do you realize where most of the free software substitutes for ms come from?


    EXT3 does not need to be defragged, no need for half the programs most people have running or are on stand-by.


    Read the m$= link in previous post. It will explain why so many people will be brainwashed that you need windows and why Linux is no good. It is a money machine.


    In one article I read, it explains what the WOW is. It is, WOW, that app doesn't work either. WOW, same for this hardware device.

    You need RAM to run aero. If you don't want aero, you don't need vista. Already have the RAM, check this out:



    "With both systems completely idle except for their memory map programs and the screenshot program, MEPIS has a memory footprint of less than 100MB, while Vista is pounding down its foot with over half-a-gigabyte of RAM." I don't think anti-ware software has been installed at this point.

    Full article here:



    Here is another good read.



    By the way, did you read your EULA? Who owns your computer?


    I like Linux & Chevys'. It's a free world. You can make your own choices. Money plays a big part of my decisions. I just can't afford Microsoft. Simple.

    Just remember, take anything a sales person says with a grain of salt(about any product). Salespeople don't make much off of Linux. Most want to satisfy themselves, not the customer.

  17. Straylit ME (Just quoting you)

    "But a well-configured and secure windows system can and will run just as fast and efficent as any Linux based system out there."


    Only using more RAM and you still couldn't dare to click just any link. Remember that some people have computers where they are not the sole user. Like me. My girlfriend and I both got tired of me telling her where she couldn't go or what she couldn't do.


    If I were the sole user, I can honestly say that I would be happy with windows(XP). Except I don't like being forced to spend all the money required for new hardware and software when windows decides to bring in a new OS. Nor do I like someone else in control of my OS. Read the vista EULA, link in other post. Also, if I buy a DVD and decide to make a back-up copy, I am going to. This is legal to do in Canada but not if you are using vista. Vista will not allow it because hollywood controls your OS more than you do.


    How long did it take to compile all the tweaks? Did you do it yourself or use someone elses' guide? Most guides I have seen the authors state it took years to compile. Give me a few years on Linux. 35 months to go.


  18. Ubuntu Linux is a NIGHTMARE if you dual boot with Vista preinstalled. The partition resizer I found out was incompatible with the NTFS system and the new BOOT system.

    Ubuntu is really clean and I feel like I'm on a Mac. I used it fine just like Windows. Firefox, Opera worked etc, Open Office is on it, has open source media players etc, and is much, much less bloated than Vista.



    The Linux "community" has fanboys that used car salesmen would admire. They conveniently leave out the countless commands that users will eventually have to enter.

    It is not as simple as Windows or OSX at all. You ever look in the forums....90% of all Windows/Mac users will be scared off by the crap some people go through in Linux. Not that it's bad...just we aren't used to working in a terminal ;) I am turned off by it now because it is still a flavor of Unix.



    I would install Linux first with the GRUB boot loader, not LILO. Then install vista. GRUB will detect and add windows to the boot options.

    Resized my NTFS no problem and converted others to EXT3.


    I would say there are a lot more fan boys for microsoft. Mostly because more people stand to make money off of the side issues related to windows. While we're comparing it to cars, with microsoft, you only have a license to some of the internet highways, I travel all the roads with Linux. Including dirt roads and trails. I fear no page or link.


    I see ubuntu recommended for linux newbies all the time, but as a newbie, I disagree. Ubuntu takes about 10 command lines to update java.

    With PCLinuxOS, the OS and all installed software is updated with three clicks. I added a printer by clicking "Add Printer," no command lines. It detected my printer and added it.

    Came across my first issue last night. Probably wouldn't be an issue for the more experienced people here. I have integrated graphics, can't figure out how to increase the allocated VRAM, change it to GPL?, or get this other driver to work for google earth. Google earth is a toy though. It's not like it is stopping me from doing something.(It does work, just not super smooth) When I am ready, I will just go to a linux forum, explain my situation and someone will post back with exact instructions on how to do what I want to do. Unless I uninstall it, was already pretty much done playing with it months ago anyway, just wanted to see if I could install it.


    Some people develop love affairs with products. I like GM (Chevy actually), you couldn't give me certain brands of cars, I'd buy a chevy first. But if Hyundai built an indestructible car, that I could drive my chevy from within, guess what I'd be doing?

    Did anyone know Hyundai manufactured RAM? Using Linux to explore my hardware, it turns out that the two sticks that came with my computer are manufactured by Hyundai!


    Has anyone READ the EULA for vista? Read it carefully, don't just rush through it. There is 14 versions to select from, I read the one pertaining to Ultimate.



    #13 If you upgrade, you can no longer use the software you upgraded from. (Hope you like vista)

    #25 Limitation of and Exclusion of Damages.....It also applies even if Microsoft knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages. There are more, have a read.


    Additional reading:



    http://www.theregister.com/2007/03/09/ms_wga_phones_home/ Don't forget to look at the dates on these two regarding wga.

    m$ = http://www.theregister.com/2007/02/01/vista_waiting_game/


  19. Its not like windows is some festering virus pit. I use it all day long, with zero security programs running and never get infected.

    Whats with the M$? Forget where the S key was? :P


    Having 2 OSes installed and trying to make it productive to me would be a pain in the rear, I would have to use one or the other, and right now linux's hardware detection isn't up to snuff yet. Until I can easily click on a .exe or whatever linux uses and have it install my hardware, its going to be only for nerds. :)

    Well, I guess everyone runs security programs for something to do then.

    m$ = Upgrade all hardware and software to run with vista keeping in mind vienna is due out in less than two years so everyone can do it again.

    Well moderator, I guess I am a nerd, even though I know nothing about computers.

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