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  1. When you open CCleaner and look at the list down the left hand side under ADVANCED it gives the following: Menu order cache Window size/Location cache User assist history IIS Log files Custom files and folders Would someone explain to me in the simplest of terms what would be deleted if I were to tick each of these boxes. Thank you
  2. Where do I get hijack this?
  3. I'm a greenhorn at this so please bear with me. Could someone please explain, this morning my anti virus detected two trojans and said they were in file (path to it) documents and settings application data sun java deployment cache I ran CCleaner and my anti virus again and it found nothing, so I've been assuming CCleaner removes the problem, however I just ran the prog which is advertised at the bottom of this forums front page (Spynomore) and according to that I have a cartload of trojans on my machine. So does CCleaner get rid of them or perhaps is this company Spynomo
  4. That was easy enough thanks CaPMan, just one more question when installation is complete when you have clicked on "finish" you are left with a little blue icon on your desktop (the icon you click on to start the install) Can I now bin this?
  5. Could someone please tell me how to update CCleaner, in the simplest language please I'm fairly new to this. Thanks.
  6. Under the "menu" for CCleaner if you scroll down to "advanced" what is menu order cache? in simple terms please. Thanks
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