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  1. I think CCleaner hibernation .... may be a "gimmick" too, when I use it for my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 5e android tablet.....and here I was thinking TOTAL shutdown of these apps that I just put into Hibernation Mode.....until I used these apps again. So, I guess only option left is to Turn Off in that app itself...it almost always says it in some manner..."may effect other apps/ or performance of my device when I try to do this." I think that is mainly a harmless warning unless it is a system function related app of some kind. I do not know why CCLEANER PRO even offers it, unless pre-purchasers are drawn by that particular feature and NOT aware that this is only in reality wishful thinking, like me....that's not the main reason I bought it though, yet I felt it was a great feature until I tried it. Oh well, it is what it is. If ANYONE knows a better way to stop apps from re - starting/ re-opening after we we click on "Stop Applications from Re- Opening using CCleaner Pro for Android other than I and others spoke of in this forum...... inform us all and thank you for any and all replies on this issue to help. Much appreciated and you could be a hero to us...you.....would be a Tech Angel...for sure ! Someday, in questions in near future like these will be considerd a silly one to ask...yet this real tech issue is a TODAY'S tech problem for some of us right now. Surely, somewhere in God's master plan---Heaven Sent tech angel(s) are out there or in classes. say God is "all knowing.... kind.... and listening"....so listen up....up there and please forward to proper dept....lol.....
  2. I thought with my Pro CCleaner that once I select any app to be hibernated they stay that way until I open it again.....so, this is NOT true?? Can someone clear this up for me?
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