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  1. That is what it used to have. Now using "custom clean" option it doesn't show ""Trackers" just "junk".
  2. When I ran the cleaner in the older 5.4??? version after cleaning the results would show "Junk removed" in one column and on the left column there would be something like "Tracking files (or Cookies)" removed. Finally got latest version 5.63.7540 installed and now after running the cleaner the results ONLY show "junk removed" no more info about "tracking files" So what I need to know is does CCleaner only show junk removed now OR do I have to configure something to also show "tracking files" removed also?
  3. OK uninstalled CCleaner in add remove programs. Strange thing it says uninstall CCleaner 5.63 Not the one I had and shows up when opened 5.4????. Well anyway just did a fresh download from CCleaner and FINALLY got 5.63.7540. All set now thanks for all the help
  4. Ok WHEN do I delete the file ccleaner.exe ? Do I uninstall ccleaner THEN remove that file then reinstall?
  5. No good still getting this message. Now I don't have ANY ccleaner
  6. Tried all in that post STILL the same old warning and WILL NOT install
  7. Tried SEVERAL time and always get this (attachment) error message still using 5.446 version and it won't take update.
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