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  1. meant for more technically minded users? A tracking cookie has not ever been or nether will be malware. Please tell us how a cookie a simple text file can locate your location? Malware means malicious software. At best it an link visited sites. Custom Clean is meant for more technically minded users? I cant see many forums if any agreeing ccleaner is a pro tool. what it does is basic,
  2. Chuck the pc out the window be easier
  3. Well you're not wrong. The admins have just assumed ccleaners algorithm. Neither has any idea what ccleaner writes to any byte and i mean that in the nicest way. How does howtogeek have any idea what ccleaner does? there is not a standard of bytes written. All that paper focuses on is a 1996 document anyone with any brains knows from 1996. nuke mentioned one pass and linked an outdated pointless article but never once mentioned anything to do with one pass which he/she pointed out.
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