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  1. Well I've made up my mind. They can take their product and put it where the sun don't shine.
  2. Derek that's fine but they are done in my book. You can't have all these people who were under the impression that if they bought the Pro Version it was a lifetime License without something that caused them to believe so, with updates. I specifically remember their advertising and it was specifically why I bought the Pro Version. So what started out as a Marketing Approach to acquire more revenue from the Product will most like kill the Product. There are plenty of products on the market that work as well and maybe even better. At least if you replace it with another product you may just get the straight forward info on what you are buying. I don't use the product that often as I have found where it does not always do what you expect of it. It still leaves garbage behind in the Registry. So the Marketing People may have increased revenue from a product such as this one, just not theirs. Bang, that was their foot they just shot. They must have had a conversation with some Coke Marketing people. Who had 60% of the Cola Market, then decided they'd make their product taste like their competitors who had a far smaller share of the market. A real rocket science move was that one. This one is in the same ball park just on a smaller scale. Have a great day.
  3. The Pro version was sold as non-expiring, it had a lifetime license. The company is now trying to get out of that CONTRACT. Here is the Bottom Line. They may control the downloads of the Product, but I control my money. I Will NOT UPGRADE UNLESS IT IS FREE AND HONORS THE CONTRACT. You all just shot yourself in the foot. I've had this product since 2015 and it has upgraded every year with NO ADDITIONAL COST. That alone proves what I said earlier. My invoice has no expiration date on the product. Again proof as to how it was sold. So you all can do what you want but you are not getting any of my money. Plus you bought a whole bunch of negative comments on social media........
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