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  1. Okay I managed to get Windows to Clean off all of those massive restore points Panic over Case closed Thanks to those who gave any advices & court adjourned
  2. Okay I tried Wiztree and fair enough I found these huge 'articles' (what use to Windows/system are they) obviously these are whats taking up like 120GB a and I know where they are but I cant get at them they have some sort of HSA attributes on them But theyre files/articles created during the defrag process I know because I saw the Pie chart overview representing HDD space get fatter by a chunk in the first minute of the full defrag they must have been created right then & there At the end of the day theres no getting rid of them to get my whopping 120Gigs back is ther
  3. @Andvari this bloody issue was caused by Defraggler - the issue of abrupt loss of space!! And as I mentioned in a previous message I did all possible to configure DF in advanced options Furthermore DF didnt give me any hope of resolving that lack of space as I mentioned in my last It made me feel under siege to get a clear free space so I could install whatever programs needful I had spend hours going through my main HD and finally I managed to get a decent chunk of space back (admittedly with the help of your Crap Cleaners Disk Analyser) But never ever again will I go near Defra
  4. OMG yes extreme similarities to yours with my experience yesterday fragmentation reported as 51% thats 36% worse off than Defraggler lleft it complete Job done If I hadnt checked it today what space would I have been left with if any? This despite following advice about advanced setup in options my remaining Harddrive space which still diminishes rapidly after a completed Defrag what kind of a shitstorm job is that? So on yer feckin bike Defraggler never again disturb me with your absurd results
  5. Hi nukecad, Thank you for that & Ill try it next time Im defragging !
  6. So I tried on the spur of notions of speedy defragmentation After Analysis on my main drive with Program files x86 and Windows folders excluded (Options - exclude) By just checking the 10 top listed items top fragmented items I then ran defrag on them... Result - aborted defrag operation in above error box! (see attached relevant screenshots). Where the hell did I go wrong?
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