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  1. Thanks for both your replies , i shifted to MSE because Avast twice stopped my net connection , so i'll run with custom clean , with Defender Unchecked , i've never really gone into ccleaner over the last 10 or so more years , i see you can set it to schedule a scan which i never knew . I've just learnt something after asking about ccleaner . Regards Sno ..
  2. Hi nukecad Appreciate your reply , i switched to custom clean as you say with defender unchecked like it was all ready , Thanks Again . Regards Sno.. By the way , i live on Bribie Island , North Of Brisbane , Queensland Au ..
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply , i see windows defender there , an it was un checked , i don't see microsoft security essentials Mentioned at all , so i'm not sure it it's the same as Defender ok . Regards Sno Ps However i change it from easy clean to custom clean ok ..
  4. I read where i can turn off to prevent CCleaner from deleting the MS Antimalware scanning history files , at 72 i open ccleaner but can't locate Application Tab , I've tried several times an can't locate Applications Tab .. Can someone point me to it so i can stop it deleting MS Antimalware as MSE Keeps turning yellow after running ccleaner . Regards Snow
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