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  1. I tried this fix, but it didn't work. The same thing keeps happening. Ccleaner gets hung up. It keeps saying that Microsoft Edge needs to be closed. It asks me if I want to close it and I say "yes" and it just hangs and hangs. As it hangs, my laptop fan go crazy!
  2. I'll try this, thank you. I was just logging in to edit my comment. After CCleaner hangs up, my computer fans starts to run loud and continuously.
  3. I've used CCleaner for years. For at least six months or so whenever I try to clean up my computer with CCleaner, I have gotten the message, "Microsoft Edge will not close. Would you like us to force it to close." So, I always agreed to that. CCleaner forces Microsoft Edge to close and then it cleaned up my computer and finished. Just today, CCleaner stops at that step. It informs me that Microsoft Edge has not closed, asks me if I would like for it to close, but it hangs up there, permanently. I'm running Microsoft Windows version 10 home. Anyone know how to fix this?
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