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  1. I guess this topic should be permanently closed. The problem has been fixed in the new version...CCleaner v2.12.660 Thanks to the developer for listening to us, your followers, and for continuously improving this great utility.
  2. At last I got a reply from the developer. Thanks MrG.
  3. If this is a safety feature, why would i be allowed to delete *.tmp in the "c:\windows" folder and not in the "c:\" folder? This is defenitely overlooked by the developers.... Disk4mat also did his own testing and found out this behaviour to be weird. The basic question is, in the CCleaner.ini Include line, why allow "c:\windows |*.tmp" but not allow "c:\|*.tmp"? Can you explain? Anyone can explain please?
  4. CCleaner V2.11.636 Still cannot delete tmp file in the root folder. Maybe the developer can just HARD CODE the delete command if they don't know how to fix this bug.
  5. Hi folks, Can anyone help me how to configure CCleaner to delete tmp files in the root of a drive? (i.e. C:\) I posted this question in another thread but there is no progress after 3 days. Refer to this: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=17166
  6. I also tried to change the Windows Environment User Variable to "TMP = C:\" just to test whether CC actually retrieve this info and use it as parameter during the cleaning. CC didn't clean the root folder as well! If CCleaner is designed to behave like this, it must be a FEATURE! Not a BUG! a very special feature because other cleaners don't behave like this.
  7. I beg to disagree with u Disk4mat. I still think it's a BUG. To refute your argument, this is how i tested. 1. Create a file inside C:\WINDOWS folder. (in my case, i created CCleaner.k99) 2. include "*.k99" in the CCleaner.ini (Include2=PATH|C:\windows\|*.k99) 3. Check the includes screen to confirm the configuration 4. Run CCleaner. The result of my test is attached. The CCleaner.k99 file inside C:\WINDOWS folder is deleted! WILDCARD is accepted by CCleaner. What happens if i include "*.dll" in the CCleaner.ini? It's equally dangerous as adding "*.dll" in the ROOT of a drive, right?
  8. Davey, the files i want to delete is randomly created so there is no way i will know the filename of the next tmp file to be created. Try to read Disk4mat's post and understand how he experimented. He included "*.tmp" in the include line inside the CCleaner.ini... the same way as i did. Try to UNDERSTAND the issue please before you reply. Perform a proper TESTING.... and for GOD's sake, it's a .tmp file i want to delete. Can u particularly pinpoint which program uses .tmp as a propietory file extention? There could be countless of programs which uses the .tmp file extention as a temporary file which is harmless to delete.
  9. Finally, someone actually walk the talk! Thanks Disk4mat for actually experimenting to see the real issue. A lot of us in this forum simply suggest things without really understanding the problem and trying the solutions we suggest. Anyways, how do we report the BUG to the CC developer?
  10. Andavari, I took note on you being the moderator of this forum. Apparently, my CCleaner issue is a BUG! You can check Disk4mat's post: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...mp;#entry112027 By the way, I didn't notice any dedicated guidelines on how to report a bug. Is there a formal way to report a BUG?
  11. Augeas, I understand that the tmp files may have been created by some applications. I'm just confused on what you said that "CC cleans known system and popular application temp files from known locations. If it tries to clean files where it doesn't know what created them (as in the case of .tmp files on the c drive) it would be asking for trouble." As suggested by Disk4mat, I have included this line; "Include1=PATH|C:\|*.tmp " in my CCleaner.ini. By including this line, I thought i am letting CC know the location and the files to delete. Is this line particularly asking for trouble that's why CC don't delete the tmp files?
  12. Hazelnut, The first time I encountered the issue, I have tried all the advance settings of CCleaner.... the key-word is "ROOT FOLDER" not "WINDOWS\Temp" folder!. I think nobody really understand what I'm trying to say... Did u try my suggestion to manually create a tmp file?
  13. Whether the tmp file is created by malware, spyware, adware or any other program, the issue remains that CCleaner should delete those files. The title of my post is "CCleaner cannot delete tmp file in C:\ root folder" so I would love to hear/read a reply on how to configure CCleaner to delete the tmp files. I have configured my CCleaner as suggested by earlier posts and run CCleaner but the files are still not deleted. If i delete the files manually in the explorer view, there is no problem... no message from the OS that the files are being used by a program. The best way to prove my point is; try manually creating creating a tmp file in the c: root folder and check whether CCleaner can clean the file.
  14. I don't think it's caused by a malware. I have encountered this issue in all windows XP pc. The root folder will always have a zero byte tmp files after using the system for a while. i've seen these zero byte files in my home pc, my work pc, my laptop, few client pc's... all in running windows xp pro. I think it's a CCleaner BUG!
  15. Sorry, I misquote your name. Anyways, Thanks Disk4mat.
  16. Thanks kenny! I'm still having the same problem though.... I have set my windows environment user variables like this: TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP TEMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP This is my CCleaner.ini: [Options] Language=1033 UpdateKey=08/13/2008 06:04:41 PM BackupDir=C:\Program Files\CCleaner MSG_CONFIRMCLEAN=False WINDOW_MAX=1 WINDOW_LEFT=202 WINDOW_TOP=144 WINDOW_WIDTH=620 WINDOW_HEIGHT=450 MSG_WARNMOZCACHE=False (App)Old Prefetch data=True (App)Menu Order Cache=False (App)Tray Notifications Cache=False (App)Window Size/Location Cache=True (App)User Assist History=True (App)IIS Log Files=True (App)Hotfix Uninstallers=True (App)Custom Folders=True Include1=PATH|C:\|*.tmp CustomFiles= CustomFolders= The tmp files in the root folder seems to be created with a random name that goes like this; 2B.tmp, 2D.TMP etc. I'm sure that these files are created by some application but I can't pinpoint the exact program. Anyway, If I manually create a tmp file in the root of my drive, it's not being deleted by CCleaner as well. I have tried using other utilities such as Emptemp and it has no problem deleting the files.
  17. Maybe my english is so bad you still don't understand what i mean. Anyways, try to manually create a file named "test.tmp" in C:\ folder. Run CCleaner and check whether the file is deleted. The file is a "tmp" file, it should be deleted without any special configuration as u suggested.
  18. Sorry for the typo, should be..... WHY then can I delete the tmp files using a simple DOS command to delete it? If you already don't have tmp files in your root folder, of course CCleaner can't clean it because it's not there in the first place.
  19. I have the standard MS office applications and lotus notes. If i follow your logic, when then can I delete the tmp files using a simple DOS command to delete it?
  20. In windows XP, a lot of tmp files are randomly created by the OS while windows programs are running. (Example below:) The files will just keep on piling if you don't manually delete it. C:\>dir *.tmp Volume in drive C has no label. Volume Serial Number is C061-EE73 Directory of C:\ 02/08/2008 04:24 PM 0 11.tmp 02/08/2008 05:02 PM 0 1A.tmp 02/08/2008 05:05 PM 0 1C.tmp 02/08/2008 04:15 PM 0 D.tmp 02/08/2008 04:17 PM 0 F.tmp 5 File(s) 0 bytes 0 Dir(s) 20,934,868,992 bytes free
  21. I don't know if this one is a bug.... I noticed that CCleaner does not delete tmp files in the C:\root folder. I am using Windows XP and I just installed CCleaner Ver. 2.10.618.
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