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  1. I was clear on the settings for Easy Clean. My thought was that if you set a custom setting, that setting should override any other settings that might conflict with it.
  2. I finally figured it out. The culprit is Easy Clean. Whenever I run CCleaner it automatically opens the Easy Clean process and I was using that option rater than choosing the Custom Clean option. I had set up Custom Clean so that it had the Clean Recycle box unchecked in the Tools section. BUT, that apparently does not have any affect on Easy Clean. You can run Easy Clean Analyze and then click on the Review Junk button under the trash can and uncheck the Empty Recycle option and it will not empty the Recycle Bin. The PROBLEM with this is that once you close and re-open CCleaner the Easy Clean option automatically restores the check mark to the Empty Recycle box. FOR THE DESIGN TEAM: it would be nice if Easy Clean would "remember" when you change a setting (like Custom Clean does) and keep it that way indefinitely rater than us having to remember to do it each time we run CCleaner new. It would also be nice to be able to choose whether you want Easy Clean or Custom Clean to be your default cleaner when you run the program. Other than this small problem I love the program and use it almost daily.
  3. I am having the same problem except that I have checked and the box for emptying the recycle bin is NOT checked. I tested by deleting a small picture to the recycle bin and then restarting windows. When Windows is done starting everything I opened the recycle bin and the file is still there. I then immediately ran CCleaner v 5.61.7392 and checked the recycle bin and it is now empty. I also put a check in the empty box for the recycle bin and closed CCleaner. I reopened it, unchecked the box, closed it and then opened it again and ran the program. to make sure there was not a phantom checkmark lurking in the registry. It still empties the bin. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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