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  1. Thank you for your reply. I don't have a confidential information so I don't need to change HDD/SSD, and I am interested if manipulations in CCleaner will be enough + log out from Skype (with cleaning Skype received files unrecoverably before CCleaner actions) + log out from Telegram Desktop?
  2. Good afternoon! I would like to hear some recommendations for my this topic: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55523-how-can-i-clean-all-my-activity-before-selling-my-laptop/ Thank you!
  3. Good afternoon! if you want, you can answer me in Russian language because I am not fluent in English. I am planning to sell my laptop in a future, and interested of your recommendations for cleaning all my activity with HDD empty space cleaning. I saw here 3 steps a user my to do before selling a PC: 1 - to transfer important documents (and of course to exit for example from Google account and delete Password manager from browser addon), 2 - Clean user's activity and 3 - HDD wiping. And 2nd and 3rd steps are important for me. The problem is my Comodo block Auslogic Boost Speed downloading, so I am interested in CCleaner. As I understand, I must to choose Custom Clean and check all point in two tabs (Windows and Applications) And if I also check Wipe Free Space point, the program automatically will begin to wipe HDD? But, before pushing Analyze, I also must to come to Options - Settings. choose Custom Clean, choose 7 passes for HDD wiping, and mark points: Wipe Alternate, Wipe Clusters ad Wipe MFT? And only after this, at the end, I can back to Custom Clean and push Analyze? HDD wiping takes very much time, is it will be good if I can turn off the laptop to Hybernation mode (and don't cancel wiping) and continue to wipe next time? And I also want to offer an ides to developers - add a possibility to delete links unrecoverabely in Recent folder C:\Users\Username\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\recent - here is the problem what no one wiping program makes deletion in this folder, this folder keeps links to files in another mode as I understand, and remember last 10 openings for every file format (for example a user need to open 10 several documents, also 10 folders and 10 .pdf files and this will give a possibility to owerwrite past objects which names will not be shown by Recuva deep scan). And, can you, developers, create an instruction/option which will be called for example "Clean activities before selling a device" for CCleaner where will be also explained what links in hidden Recent folder also will be owerwritten with their names deletion? Thank you!
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