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  1. Just to chime in, it is definitely more than 4 a week (that's still an outrageous number, given how it's being delivered). Don't know what version I have, and honestly, I don't care. The practice in and of itself is predatory and unacceptable. I'm sure at some point I clicked something that had a nice hidden little fine print to the affect of, 'you give us permission to use your private property as our own personal billboard, and we will harass you about it until you fork over cash.' No. Not okay. CC Cleaner is supposed to clean my computer of unwanted garbage, not be a delivery method for it. I came here hoping to find a way to just disable the irritation, but it seems all there is to do is uninstall it. Rest assured, it will never be installed again. It's a shame. This used to be a genuinely awesome product with an awesome support team. Not sure what changed. Oh well.
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