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  1. Sorry, I know it's slightly off topic - but to be fair this does involve Ccleaner since their current installer installs avast. This data collection issue avast has therefore directly impacts CCleaners users - since not all are given the choice of whether they want avast or not. Essentially the Ccleaner installer has an x% chance of silently installing an application that can honestly be considered spyware, without the users consent. There is no angle that this can be looked at for it to be considered acceptable. With piriform being owned by avast, I doubt there's any chance of getti
  2. @Sandra CCleaner You're probably correct that CCleaner does not collect browsing data - I'm talking about avast here. I'm not going to link to third party websites, but avast most certainly does collect browser web history. Plenty of reports for people to read through. Seems to involve a subsidy called Jumpshot. If only your response to this silent installation issue you've had for at least the past TWO YEARS was as prompt as your response to my claims about avast being malware lol. Hopefully this news about avast will cause more people to complain, and cause this to become a PR issu
  3. To put the nail in the coffin, along with piriform's silence on this matter - Avast has been collecting browser history, selling it on. Avast can now be considered malware, and this situation has changed to a more disturbing case of piriform silently installing malware on users computers. Owned by the same company or not, this is disgusting. I will never suggest the use of piriform's software again - good riddance.
  4. Signed up just to add another comment - Avast installed with no opt-out option here as well. I was extra careful, when going through the installer, as I already knew the installer offered the installation of third party software. Nothing in the first screen, nothing in the more screen. Nothing. I'm not saying this is out of any malicious action - but you've obviously got something buggy in your installer which actions the install in some situations without offering a opt in/out option. Changing the default to no would be the simplest approach to fixing this, if you're wanting
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