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  1. Dont show a popup whith a deal in a existing account. I take that deal, paid, only i whas believing it whas a popup in MY ACCOUNT. I make one mistake, i give the wrong email, only CC Cleaner dont give awnser to my emails and tickets. After years..... I say.. Never and never again. I take a crack after the two years. Cracks enough, I paid normaly for good service, but that is over for me. The trust is gone.. I make a 4K video and share that whith another name to many people. Also my Social media channels. This is my real name!
  2. I use CC Cleaner for a long time. This week a popup for a deal for 2 years and 20 euro Cash Back. I make a mistake and take that 2 year deal, only i put the wrong Email inside. I wanne change that, only CC Cleaner Dont Awnser my emails. Before I use it also for cleaning the Brave Browser. That is not working anymore. Sometimes the install is back on a older version, after reinstall I have all functions back. This whas my last time, never and never again CCCleaner or other from Cleverbridge. I have cracks enough, but I paid for a product when its oke. And the CCCleaner browser
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