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  1. Greetings everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I hope the moderators are dealing with the stress okay. Never in my life would I thought I would ever have to create an account just to post to the piriform forums. I'm here to correct some inaccurate data from the moderators and posters of piriform and I hope to reveal some practices that most of you have already seen. I reinstalled CCleaner recently (due to something I can't remember) and it already had my license info onboard and I got a popup message saying that it had expired. I decided to pull my license from my email and put it in CCleaner. I get the same message popup stating that it was still expired, which was odd because I've gone how many years without it expired? Why now? How odd, how strange. Strange indeed. It says it expired over 5 years ago, yet I'm just now getting the message. Maybe I shouldn't have updated to the latest version. o.O So I went and checked my email again and verified a few things. One, I purchased it over 5 years ago, check. Two, the invoice didn't mention anything about a one year subscription, check. Three, the invoice didn't mention anything about an expiration date, check. So being the confused person I am, I went online and found this thread and read just the first page and found some serious discrepancies. Nergal mentioned that he's been here since dinosaurs roamed the earth, so he should know what people are going through, yet there's conflict between what he's saying and a lot of what others are saying. Ben the CC guy, who only just joined a couple months before the thread started, is a company man, or so I believe. He should know exactly what's going on. He tells everybody what's what, yet, there's conflict between what he's saying and a lot of what others are saying. There's a lot more that happened on page 1. I highly recommend grabbing some popcorn and your favorite scroller and enjoy page 1. With that said, I'm here because I'm with the masses, I'm with the snotty goo that's in your living room taking up your space, getting in-between your seat cushions that's hard to get out. That's right, I too had a life-time membership thing-whatever it's called that turned into a yearly subscription, or so I thought. After reading page 1 I decided to do my own research. Thank you Ben for helping us all out with the Way-Back Machine. You made my life that much easier in helping me find what I was looking for. I has a clickster for you: https://web.archive.org/web/20150210075835/http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner https://web.archive.org/web/20150208080809/http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/features https://web.archive.org/web/20150315065342/https://secure.piriform.com/502/uurl-mgxgn8eqih https://web.archive.org/web/20150208090628/http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/faq Nowhere, ANYWHERE does it say.... yearly subscription. But also, nowhere anywhere does it say lifetime. Neither are presented/listed. But because it doesn't say yearly subscription, you can't charge a yearly subscription, but you could put a time limit on it. However, depending on the EULA/terms and conditions, if they are allowed to change on a purchase, they could allow an expiration to allow. If not, then federal FTC false advertising laws are possibly broken if you're US based and a potential class-action lawsuit could follow, but hey, I'm getting ahead of myself. My apologies, I'm certain this is all just an honest mistake. But let's be real here, a company took over piriform and they want to turn CCleaner into a money making machine. What's the best way to do that? Change the EULA and terms and conditions. If it's even in the documents to allow said documents to be changed in the first place, then they are fine. But that's for fancy-pants lawyers to figure out. I hope this helps everyone. Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know.
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