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  1. Hi Will try Yes that seemed to have fixed it, hasn't come back yet, will try on other pcs too thanks
  2. Hi Im having issues for the last few week now with ccleaner, when i run ccleaner, clear everything, then open firefox, firefox then has my history, and gives me a this is embarrassing issue page. or will load up my previous web page before i clicked run ccleaner to clear it. image attached after running ccleaner, firefox still has my history happening on two computers now, one last last weekend, clean installation, and now second pc is having same issue tried update tried uninstall and reinstall windows 10 64bit pro any ideas thanks
  3. You choose wether to install the yahoo toolbar. Anyways glad you use Yahoo. Google is a peace of crap. Yahoo.com is the most visited site on the web. Google is the fourth.. Yahoo best search engine around
  4. Any chance you could add Netscape Navigator Cleaning please Many thanks
  5. sb4100


    thank you
  6. sb4100


    hi how can i get rid of the files dected by recuva thanks
  7. sb4100

    colour scheme

    thanks also does anyone know of a site that you can download them already made
  8. downloaded from filehippo and stopzilla dected it pic attached untitled.bmp
  9. sb4100

    colour scheme

    hi does anyone know how to get different colour schemes for windows xp. as the ones that are on windows xp is not very good. any help please many thanks
  10. the lastest version conatins spyware new version, v1.35.424 where can i get the non spywared version of ccleaner please thanks
  11. the lastest version conatins spyware new version, v1.35.424 where can i get the noin spywared version of ccleaner please thanks
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