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  1. Firstly I apologise, the screen shot doesn't have the invoice date, it's 6th December 2012 just incase I'm about to embarrass myself.... [snip] Secondly I had a rather lengthy response typed out then I realised you emboldened product so that when I start talking about my licence expiry date being exactly 1 year from my invoice date we're going to end up with a back and forth about my tired mistake so I'm going to omit that and go with my final sentiment - I know I've been on the internet long enough where I have collected a fair few grandfathered in products where business models have changed and the company involved has been kind enough to the loyal customers who have been with them since the earlier days. Everyone in this thread is customer of yours who made a conscious decision to pay you an amount of money because they decided the professional version was worth it, please show them a bit more respect instead of acting like we're freeloaders and you've eventually decided we've had our fill, if the Avast Overlords were to treat them properly these are the exact people who would go forth an expound the value in paying for the Professional version to others that would then be paying subscribers.
  2. Thowing in my two cents (and screen shot) but I purchased 2 products at the same time, one states it's for a year the other does not..... The implication is clear -
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