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  1. there are two simple reasons why Andavari has this update as optional 1) is when you first install windows 10 you have the choice to have updates installed automatically or pick which ones (remember when windows 10 first opens with the blue screen and says "Hi" ) 2) he never installed the update that changed the "update and security" tab in settings that of which did away with updates as optional ( my guess it was "Featured update" in May 2019). As you can see this can create problems on giving advice when you don't have the exact setup as others. however I chose to have updates instal
  2. I uploaded two videos on my youtube channel of before and after the update install: watch the difference of my Steam Client where most of my games are: Before update: After Udate:
  3. You're right. It is definitely this update that is causing the shortcuts to be non-responsive, It's like windows is having a brain fart for 15 seconds before it decides to finds the program to load. I got it back to running normal again by using a previous restore point and have had to paused Updates for the next week (for having home edition and can't change "automatic updates recommended" back to "choose which updates to download"). Looks like I will have to wait and hope the next update will clear this up.
  4. I have gone back and forth, three times with installing, testing, then using restore point to go back before this installed update: 2019-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for 64-based System (KB4512941). This update is slowing down windows. After installing, I click on a short cut on desktop, it takes windows 15 seconds to start it's loading circle. My web browser is ok but my web clients are affected (Steam,Origin, Arc ect..) When I use my restore point and go back before the installed update, they work normally again. What I have not done yet is use Uninstall update in settin
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