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  1. Tombo

    lost files

    Well alright, normal scan returns nothing, deepscan is unable to find the files. Bad luck I guess. Luckily I got my pictures. Thanks anyway Edit: Lessons learned, never save important data in a txt file ^^
  2. Tombo

    lost files

    Much appreciated. Say, ticking the box for only scanning for documents, are txt files also considered documents in recuva?
  3. Tombo

    lost files

    Evening everyone. Recently, I made a rather stupid mistake. I accidentially put a Windows 10 Image on my external storage hard drive - when I planned to put it on my USB stick. So then I had to format my disk to get the full space again, and then slowly realized that a lot of stuff is gone. I could recover almost all of it - except for TWO .txt files which contain rather important stuff. They were in the same folder as some pictures, which could be recovered completely by Recuva, but after several deepscan attempts, I still can't manage to revocer those two .txt files. Does some
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