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  1. For the last couple weeks, everytime I install 5.61 it runs the first time, then it reverts to 5.60.7307. Additionally several of the links (upgrade, support, etc) take me tpo pages that appear to be properly named (https://secure.ccleaner.com/502/secure.ccleaner.com/502/?cfg=piriform18_ps&recommendation=congrats&x-download=trialDownload&tracking=cj,webGTM&x-congrats=1&scope=checkout&x-subscription=true&cart=s7426:220379&pricerule=list1&tracking=inapptest&x-company=true&x-cart_layout=plan_selector&x-choice_organization=card&x-highlighted_plan=220379&x-psversion=v2?x-source=13&pricerule=list1) but are dead pages. Any idea what's up?
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