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  1. I did a disk repair. The drive wipe finally finished. I checked and I don't have ssd. Thanks for your help.
  2. What's an ssd? I'm using the wiper in ccleaner to wipe the free space on my laptop. It's been really slow this week making processing photos nearly impossible. Since I cleaned off all of the old photos, it has plenty of space so I figured a good cleaning might help it get back up to speed so I can work.
  3. I don't usually worry about it either but it starts saying days and continually gets longer, it gets my attention. I ran a defrag again, and all of the disk doctor type programs. Overnight it finally did the first scan and started actually wiping. The projected time has been at about 6 hours since I checked this morning, (5 hours ago). At least it isn't piling more time on top. It was at 1% this morning, 17% now. That's where it got hung up last time so I hope it keeps going and actually gets done. I must have needed a few days off work since I can't do anything until it's done.
  4. @Andavari Is chkdsk/r a program on Windows or ccleaner? How would I go about that?
  5. set to a single pass. 1.68 tb freespace. my concern is that it sticks at about 12-17% and doesn't move for hours. that can't be normal. it should be able to do it over night. it just keeps adding up how much time it will take. it got up to saying four days etc to complete.
  6. i have been using ccleaner for years and have never had any trouble. i haven't done a freespace wipe in a while so i decided i better do it. i can't even let it finish. i set it to wipe and it was taking hours. i let it go overnight. in the morning, the computer was a sleep and the drive wipe was still at 17% with a forecast of days to finish. i canceled it and started it again after reinstalling the app. again, it sat there at 12% just increasing it's estimated time to finish. any ideas?
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