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  1. Elkay

    Windows System

    Thank you all for your support regarding my "prefetch" problem. I followed all of your suggestions and nothing seemed to work because my registry value was correct so I couldn't correct anything there. However, Glenn mentioned the "optimal layout" in the registry and I started looking in Registry Mechanic to see if I can relate that with something which may have been deleted. I did find it and used a restore of the optimal layout registry and lo and behold it's back!!! I did all that without knowing what I was doing. Guess I need to learn more about Registry Mechanic (or CCleaner?) and no
  2. Elkay

    Windows System

    Hi TeeJay, I have Windows XP and I did have Prefetch in the Advanced Option but it disappeared recently. However, this maybe far out, but I started thinking that the reason it's no longer there is because I have nothing saved in Windows Explorer under prefetch because I was always cleaning it. Does that make sense? After reading the forum about not recommending deleting the prefetch, then I guess I won't worry about it. But it makes me wonder why CCleaner put it there in the first place to give us the option to clean.
  3. Elkay

    Windows System

    Thank you for your prompt response JD, however, it's not in the Advanced Section anymore, or anywhere else. That's why I sent this query. Also, when you say it harms performance, what do you mean by that? Do you no longer recommend deletion?
  4. Elkay

    Windows System

    I know I had the Old Prefetch Data listed in the past, but all of a sudden I noticed that it's no longer there. What happened and how can I get it back? I have the 1.36 version. I do appreciate your little program - thank you so much. It makes life a lot easier.
  5. Yes, I'm a recent convert to IE7, but not by choice. I didn't want to install IE7 upon notification but subsequently there were some critical windows updates and my PC refused to update until I installed IE7. Is that crazy or what? The problem with Google Active X started prior to the install of IE7. It happened right after an updated Google toolbar about a month ago.
  6. Recently Google Toolbar which I use was updated. Eversince that time when I clean the registry in CCleaner, I keep getting six Active X/COM registry problems. I get a message as follows: "The COM component GoogleTalk.TalkFriend.1 references an invalid CLSID. Solution: Delete the registry values". When I click on fixing the issues, it appears that it was cleaned, however, the next time I boot up it comes back again. The problem was not there before the Google toolbar update. Can anyone help me with this problem? Appreciate your help.
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