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  1. Hi Nergal, I simply don't understand how the CCleaner browser can supposedly be accumulating internet cache and history files if I am not actually using it. I would be totally unaware of this occurrence if it wasn't for the CCleaner breakdown report so as one who likes to understand these things from a logical point of view, I am naturally interested to hear from the CCleaner team if they can explain why this is happening. Surely I cannot be the only user who has noticed this? I am tempted to uninstall the CCleaner browser whereby then this surely could not happen but then it shouldn't be o
  2. Hi Community, I cannot be the only one experiencing this but every time I run CCleaner, it shows significant CCleaner browser Internet Cache and Internet History files for cleaning in the Advanced Report in addition to my Firefox browser files, despite me never using the CCleaner browser. How can this be the case? I am just trying to understand what is going on here. Should I uninstall CCleaner browser if I don't intend to use it? Thank you in advance for your help.
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