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  1. Drive Y: became corrupt due to a hardware problem in such a way that all the files disappeared. The drive was still accessible without encountering an error but it appeared to be empty. Drive Y: was routinely sychronized to drive X: using FreeFileSync. When FreeFileSync was run it saw that all of the files had been deleted from Y: and dutifully deleted all of the files from X: I used Recuva to recover the deleted files on X: Nothing can be recovered from Y: by chkdsk or any other means.
  2. I have a USB drive from which all files and folders were erased. The problem was discovered immediately and no software accessed the drive after the erasure. I used the wizard to recover the files from the drive to another USB drive and all 10,000 files and their folders were recovered. Most of the files were image files, mostly TIFF. The problem is that every file I have tried to open in Photoshop generates the error "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document." Any suggestions? Thanks.
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