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  1. What do you mean "chain-back process"? Will I be able to restore this file with Recuva?
  2. Well, it seems like the other product didn't have an issue locating the file. I never tried to restore the file but I just thought Recuva would as good or better at this.
  3. Same drive. It inherited a different drive letter when I reconnected it.
  4. I ticked those options you mentioned and did get a result. I still don't see the WindowsImageBackup folder. I'm still waiting to hear from CCleaner support. Not a peep yet.
  5. Why do you think the other program could find it in a normal scan? It's a huge file as you assumed. I was hoping there was some way to simply reverse what was done to the drive. The partition was deleted and then the drive was formatted. Below I have an image which shows how the other program was able to locate the backup, no problem.
  6. This is strange. Before moving forward with Recuva I tried another product to see if it was possible to recover this file which is located on the root of an external hard drive. The other product did using just it's initial scan. With this in mind I thought Recuva could do the same thing. First of all, it didn't find anything in it's initial scan and then after a deep scan I still could not find this file. Recuva did find other stuff but not what I needed. If there is some special process I'm missing, please help!
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